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Dan carter was 28 when he first started playing Rugby.

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Q: How old was Dan Carter when he first started playing rugby?
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How old was Daniel Carter when he started playing rugby?


When did dan carter start rugby?

Hes reported to have started playing rugby at the age of 10 in 1992

When did Daniel carter first start playing rugby?

professionally: Carter made his provincial debut for Canterbury in 2002

What are Dan Carter's hobbies?

playing rugby

When did Daniel carter started playing pro rugby?

He played in the ITM cup for Canterbury from 2002, and for the All Blacks and Chrusaders from 2003

When did Daniel Carter first start playing rugby union?

He allegedly made his first tackle (on his mother) at age 3, in 1985, and first played on a rugby field at age 6, in 1988, in Ellesmere

How long has Daniel carter been playing rugby?

25 years

How many years has Daniel Carter been playing rugby for?


Who is the best first five for rugby?

Daniel Carter

When did Michael Jones started playing rugby?

When did Micheal Jones start playing rugby

When was the first rugby club started?

The first Rugby Club was started Edinburgh, in 1824, by John Hope. There are problems with the first start of Rugby clubs because there was one started in 1839 (undocumented).

What was dan carters first rugby team he played in?

the first rugby team Dan carter played in was the crusader's.

When did Daniel carter start playing rugby union for the all blacks?


How did dan carter become a rugby player?

He started whilst at school and continued in college

When was rugby first started and what year?

1823 in Rugby School Warwichshire England

When did New Zealand started playing rugby?

First game was introduced on 14 may 1870 by Charles John Monro

When was Sam Carter - rugby - born?

Sam Carter - rugby - was born on 1989-09-10.

When did Eamon De Valera play rugby?

He started playing when he was about 16 and continued playing well into his 20s. He played for the Munster rugby team in 1905.

When did Jonah lomu start playing rugby?

he started paying in school and continued from there

What was the first team Daniel carter got into?

Southbridge rugby club before Canterbury

When was Steve Carter - rugby league - born?

Steve Carter - rugby league - was born on 1970-07-22.

How did the All Blacks get they name from. When did All Blacks first start playing Rugby. How many players were playing Rugby.?

Their black kit

When did rugby league first begin?

It started as a break-away from Rugby union in Huddersfield England in 1895

Where were rugby boots first made?

They were made bythe Gilbert factory that originally started making rugby balls

A famous rugby player in New Zealand rugby team?

Dan Carter