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A soccer player can be any age as long as they are good at soccer. Prime soccer ages are around 22 years old.

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Q: How old should a soccer player be?
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How much should you weigh for a soccer player at 12 years old and 4'11?

about 99-103 pounds

Who is the yungest soccer player?

the youngest professional soccer player is Freddy Adu. He is 19 years old.

How old to be a soccer player?


What is realmadrid soccer player ozil's old soccer team?

Werder Bremen

How many calories should a 22 year old soccer player consume?

2896 if you are in the range of 120-180 lbs

What diet should you have if you are a soccer player?


Who old is the oldet soccer player?


If your designing a pizza for a soccer player what should be on it?

Just have to put soccer ball on it.

How old is soccer player Oliver James?

he is 22 years old

How old is Mexico's soccer player Dosantos?

12 years old

How old is leon messi the soccer player?

23 years old

Who's the youngest female soccer player ever?

My 4 year old plays soccer with me

Who is the best 17 year old soccer player?

francisco alvarez the salvadoran well be the best 17 yeas old soccer player who well play for Toronto fc soon.

How old can you become a professional soccer player?


Best 13 year old soccer player?


Can a 18 year old who have never played soccer become a soccer player?

Yes, with intensive training and extreme dedication. Becoming a proffessional soccer player on the other hand, is unlikely but not impossible.

What should your grades be to be a soccer player?

Soccer is not some stupid clerical job. It is a highly dynamic game and sport! One doesnt need grades, but talent and ability to be a soccer player.

Should a soccer player have a big soft butt?


How much should a 12 year old soccer player weigh?

A 12 year old soccer should weigh about 94-95 pounds if you are in between the higth of 5'3-5'6 because an average 12 year olds weight is about 103 pounds. Iam a 12 year old club soccer player that has been offerd to join 5 clubs and when I looked at all of these I saw that this was the avrage weight but that could also be because we have fast metabolisms and if you don't have a fast motabalism then you should weigh about 98-100 pounds. Hope this helps you!

How old must you be to become pro soccer player?


Who is the best 11 year old soccer player?


What should you take in high school or college to become a professional soccer player?

Ummm play soccer?

How do you become a professional soccer player at 14 years old?

be extremely good at soccer and get noticed by a college coach

How old do you have to be to be a soccer player?

Kids can start playing soccer at 3-4 years old, learning the basic skills of kicking, not using hands, and shooting for the goal. You can be any age to be a soccer player. You must be 16 to sign a professional contract, but youth teams start often from 8 years old.

How old is jade parris?

jade parris is 11 yers old and she is a great soccer player