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rephrase your question. cant understand.

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Q: How old is to late to become a professional footballer you are 22?
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How old is to late to become a professional footballer you are 21?

For American Football, 21 should be around the age for a draft. For football as soccer, I have no idea.

Im 13 year old and im you too late to become a proffessional footballer?


Is it too late to become a professional footballer at 19 years-old if you don't already play for a professional club?

Never too late! Go for it. Answer= It's not too late, especially at 17. Believe me mate, if you're good enough and you believe that you can help any team by being there, you can make it!

How old was David Beckham when he become a footballer?

how did david beckham become a footballer

Can you do ballet if you are 13 years old?

Of course! You just need determination. It might be to late to become a professional though if you are just starting.

Can i become a professional gymnast at 18 years old?

It's never to late to become a gymnast. Just start, unless you can't commit then there is no point in it. No time, nothing learned.

Is it too late to play professional rugby at 20 years old?


Is 17 years old a good age to try out to become a professional?

Nope. That is too late allready. Maybe you can achieve something in small teams, but even that will be hard

How old can you become a professional soccer player?


How old do you have to be to become a professional dancer?

about in the ages beetween 6-37

Who is Steven jerrard?

Steven Gerrard is a professional English footballer. As of 2013, Gerrard is 33 years old and plays for the Liverpool team and the England national team.

Is 16 too old to become a ballet dancer?

16 may be a bit too old to become a professional, but if you want to dance for fun then, no 16 isnt to old!! Many people start even older than that. (Late 20+) You will have an atvantage because you're old enough to understand what your teacher will be teaching and you will be able to comprehend everything! If ballet is what you want to do then go for it!