How old is Wrigley field scoreboard?

Updated: 10/27/2022
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It has been there for 74 years!

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Q: How old is Wrigley field scoreboard?
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What golfer teed up a golf ball and hit the scoreboard at Wrigley Field?

Sam Snead

How many times has the scoreboard at Wrigley Field been hit with a batted ball?

Never been hit by a batted baseball.

Do they still sell old style at Wrigley Field?


Where is Wrigley's field?

Wrigley Field is located in Chicago ILL

Does Wrigley gum sponsor Wrigley Field?

Wrigley Field shares its name with the Wrigley Company, as the park was named for its then-owner, William Wrigley Jr., the CEO of the Wrigley Company.

What are the dimensions of the Yankee Stadium?

The new Yankee Stadium dimensions are the same as the old stadium, excluding the backstop distance.Left Field Line - 318 ft.Left Field - 379 ft.Left Center - 399 ft.Center Field - 408 ft.Right Center - 385 ft.Right Field - 353 ft.Right Field Line- 314 ft.Backstop - 52 ft. 4 in.

Has the Wrigley Field score board ever been hit by fly ball?

Nope. Clemente almost did. The closest I have ever see was Sosa's Home Run that hit the Camera Booth in center field and that ball was at least 30 feet from the Scoreboard. Although no batted baseball has ever been hit from homeplate off of the center field scoreboard, it is not true that NO ball has ever accomplished that feat. Sam Snead, of professional golfing fame, accomplished it by driving a golfball off a tee at homeplate in 1951, which struck the scoreboard.

What is the capacity of the Wrigley Field?

According to, the capacity of Wrigley Field is 41,160.

What street is Wrigley field on?

Wrigley Field is located at 1060 West Addison Street, Chicago, IL, 60613.

What is the total arceage of Chicago's Wrigley Field?

what is the total acreage of chicago wrigley field

When was Live at Wrigley Field created?

Live at Wrigley Field was created on 2010-09-18.

What city is wrigley field located?

Wrigley Field is the Chicago Cub stadium in Illinois, United States. It was established as Weeghman Park in 1914 and was named Wrigley Field in 1927.