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Q: How old is Michelle Kwan Sasha Cohen and Katerina witt?
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Who is good at figure skating?

Michelle Kwan and Sasha Cohen are both really beautiful skaters.

Who are 5 well known figure skaters?

sasha cohen michelle kwan dorothy hamell dick button and peggy fleming

Who are three professional figure skaters?

Michelle Kwan, Mao Asada, and Miki Ando Oksana Baiul (My favorite), Sasha Cohen, Kimmie Meissner <<BEAST!

Who are the stars in Figure skating?

IDK all of them but I do know the extremely famous ones: 1) Michelle Kwan 2)Sasha Cohen and 3)Evan Lyaseck

When did Sasha Cohen become a famous skater?

Ever since she beat Michelle Kwan on the short program at the 2000 Nationals and placed second overall, getting a silver medal!

Michele kwan run into Sasha Cohen during practice and Sasha have to get stitch's because her leg split open?

I'm not sure but I saw one of Sasha's interview says she has a stitch on her chest and her leg I think. But I know Sasha cohen is VERY flexible.

Who is the best ice skating figure?

There are many legends. I can name a few for you. -Michelle Kwan -Yuna Kim -Mao Asada -Elvis Stojko -Patrick Chan -Sasha Cohen ....and many more!

Is ice skating an olympic game?

ICE SKATING IS A WINTER OLYMPIC SPORT Here are a few scaters, Michelle Kwan? Sasha Cohen? Eric Millot? Justin Ross? Kassy Kova? Gianna Hamilton?

Michelle Kwan IN A BOOK?

Michelle Kwan IS IN A BOOK

What is the birth name of Michelle Kwan?

Michelle Kwan's birth name is Michelle Wing-Shan Kwan.

What are the main features of figure skating?

figure skating= jumps spirals, spins ice hockey= killing people(not, just injuring them with a stick) going fast pairs skating= throughing landing spiningspirals ice dancing= elagance, spirals, cool turns go on you tube type in= Sasha cohen, katerina witt, Michelle kwan, and torvill and dean they are ace

Where does Michelle kwan live?

Michelle Kwan lives in California

Does Michelle Kwan have any kids?

Michelle Kwan has no kids.

Michelle kwan's middle name?

Michelle Wing Kwan

Did Michelle kwan do Dancing with the Stars?

Yes Michelle Kwan did!!

What day did Michelle kwan die?

Michelle Kwan is still alive!

How many kids does Michelle Kwan has?

Michelle Kwan is not married yet.

Where did Michelle kwan die?

Michelle kwan is still alive and well.

Is Michelle Kwan Korean?

No, Michelle Kwan was born in Torrance, California

Who is Michelle Kwan's parents?

Danny Kwan and Estella Kwan

When was Michelle Kwan born?

Michelle Kwan was born on July 7, 1980.

What is Michelle Kwan's birthday?

Michelle Kwan was born on July 7, 1980.

What nicknames does Michelle Kwan go by?

Michelle Kwan goes by Shelley, and Shelle.

What is Michelle Kwan know for?

Michelle Kwan is known for being a figure skater.

Is Nancy Kwan related to Michelle Kwan?

Yes, Nancy is Michelle's elder sister.