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Bob Knight was born October 25, 1940. As of December 2009, Knight would be 69 years old.

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Q: How old is Bobby Knight the basketball coach?
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How old is Bobby Knight?

Bobby Knight is 70 years old (birthdate: October 25, 1940).

How old do you have to be to coach basketball?

There is no age requirement.

How old is Bobby Bowden?

College football coach Bobby Bowden is 88 years old (birthdate: November 8, 1929).

Who is the oldest active coach in NCAA division 1 basketball?

The oldest active coach in NCAA division I basketball is Ron Abegglen. Abegglen is the coach of Becker. His record in 2008 was 3-22, and he is currently 71 years old.

How old is Tom Izzo?

Basketball coach Tom Izzo is 62 years old (birthdate January 30, 1955).

How old is Mike Krzyzewski?

Basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski is 70 years old (birthdate: February 13, 1947).

How old is Quinn Buckner?

Basketball coach Quinn Buckner is 62 years old (birthdate: August 20, 1954).

How old is Dick Vitale?

Basketball coach and sportscaster Dick Vitale is 78 years old (birthdate: June 9, 1939).

How old is Jim Boeheim?

Syracuse basketball coach Jim Boeheim is 73 years old (birthdate: November 17, 1944).

How old is Bobby Valentino?

Bobby Valentino (UK violinist ,singer & songwriter) is 63 years old(born Robert Beckingham, June 22, 1954).* US R&B singer Bobby V (Valentino) is 37 years old (born February 27, 1980).* US baseball player and coach Bobby Valentine was born May 13, 1950.

How old is Greg Paulus?

Now an Ohio State assistant basketball coach, Greg Paulus is 31 years old (birthdate: July 3, 1986).

How old is John Kundla?

Basketball coach John Kundla was 101 years old when he died on July 23, 2017 (birthdate: July 3, 1916).

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