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The folk should above the age of 18-25...

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Q: How old does one have to be to start a usl franchise?
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When was USL Pro created?

USL Pro was created in 2010.

When was USL Dunkerque created?

USL Dunkerque was created in 1919.

What does USL mean in drama?

USL in drama means Upstage Left.

What are some of the teams competing in the United Soccer League or USL?

The teams that are competing in the USL are Antigua Barracuda FC, Chaleston Battery, Charlotte Eagles, Dayton Dutch Lions, Harrisburg City Islanders and another one is Los Angeles Blues. These are some for the USL PRO list.

When was USL First Division created?

USL First Division was created in 2005.

When was USL Breakaways created?

USL Breakaways was created on 2006-01-01.

When was USL Second Division created?

USL Second Division was created in 1990.

USL Soccer Salaries?

USL First Dvision Average: $20,000-40,000 Yearly (Avg)

When was USL Premier Development League created?

USL Premier Development League was created in 1995.

Do USL magazine look for models?

USL Magazine discovers new model through its monthly model casting contests on Facebook and Modelmayhem.

Who is better the MLS or USL?


What are the release dates for USL Friday Night Football - 2006?

USL Friday Night Football - 2006 was released on: USA: 1 January 2006

What actors and actresses appeared in USL Friday Night Football - 2006?

The cast of USL Friday Night Football - 2006 includes: Gerry Fall as Himself - Reporter

How many teams does the first division of soccer in the US have?

The first division in United States soccer was also known as the USL First Division. It is no longer a valid division, and therefore, there are no teams which belong to the first division any longer. The USL First Division was founded in 2005, but ended in 2010. There were about 16 teams which were part of the USL First Division. When the USL folded, however, a new league was created called the North American Soccer League.

What actors and actresses appeared in USL Breakaways - 2006?

The cast of USL Breakaways - 2006 includes: Gerry Fall as Himself - Reporter Gerry Fall as Himself - Sports Reporter (2008-2009)

Do player in the USL Professional Division get paid?


How much does USL players get paid per month?


What are some travel soccer or just soccer teams in Ohio?

The Columbus Crew are an MLS team in Ohio. In the 2nd division (USL) are the Cincinnati Kings and Cleveland City Stars, and the Dayton Dutch Lions are in the USL Premier Development League.

How many professional soccer teams are there in the US?

Total Professional Teams 76 Mens teams include 12 from Major League Soccer (MLS) 12 from the First Division United Soccer League (USL) 9 from the Second Division United Soccer League (USL) 6 teams in the Major Indoor Soccer League (MISL) Womens teams include 37 teams in the W-League a part of the USL

What does the average USL Pro soccer player get paid?

1000-5000 a month

What is the birth name of Cesc Gelabert?

Cesc Gelabert's birth name is Francesc Gelabert Usl.

How many soccer leagues are there in the US?

Soccer Leagues within the United States of America are split between men and women. There are currently Five Soccer Leagues for men within the United States, those being: The top league in the United States is Major League Soccer. Under that would be the United Soccer Leagues (USL).- Major League Soccer (12 teams, 6 per conference, as of 2005)- USL First Division (12 teams, single table, as of 2005)- USL Second Division (9 teams, single table, as of 2005)- USL Premier Development League (54 teams, 8 conferences as of 2005)- Another league in the United States is the Pacific Coast Soccer League; the PCSL could be classified as being on the same level as the USL Second Division.There are currently Three Soccer Leagues for women within the United States, those being: At the moment, the Women's United Soccer Association is on hiatus, leaving the USL's W-League as the top flight in American women's soccer.- W-League- WPSL- PCSL: Women's Division

What are the sports team of Virginia?

Bluefield Orioles Baseball Appalachian League Bristol White Sox Baseball Appalachian League Danville Braves Baseball Appalachian League Lynchburg Hillcats Baseball Carolina League Norfolk Tides Baseball International League Potomac Nationals Baseball Carolina League Pulaski Mariners Baseball Appalachian League Salem Red Sox Baseball Carolina League Norfolk Admirals Ice hockey American Hockey League Richmond Renegades Ice hockey Southern Professional Hockey League Washington Bayhawks Lacrosse Major League Lacrosse Fredericksburg Gunners Soccer USL Premier Development League Fredericksburg Lady Gunners Soccer W-League Hampton Roads Piranhas Soccer USL Premier Development League Hampton Roads Piranhas Soccer W-League Northern Virginia Majestics Soccer W-League Northern Virginia Royals Soccer USL Premier Development League Richmond Kickers Soccer USL Second Division Richmond Kickers Destiny Soccer W-League Richmond Kickers Future Soccer USL Premier Development League Virginia Legacy Soccer USL Premier Development LeagueVirginia Cavaliers Sports www.virginiasports.comVirgina teck hokies Sports www.hokiesports.comRichmond Spiders Sports

What is letter sent by computer called?

It's called 'e-mail' - which is short for 'electronic mail'.

In what clubs has Luis robles played before he was traded to the New York Red Bulls?

Luis Robles, before being drafted to the New York Red Bulls, played in one club by the name of USL Premier Development League's Boulder Rapids Reserve.