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25 at year

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Q: How old do you have to be to play pro football?
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Do you need to play football to play pro football?


How old are most pro football players when they start to play football?

They are most likely to be 21-24

What they do in the NFL?

they play pro football

What degree do you need to get to play pro football?

you dont need a degree to play football

Did the rock play pro football?


Can a convicted felon play pro football?


What sport do they play in hawaii?

Football (pro bowl)

How many blacks play pro football?


What sport do the Arizona Cardinals play?

Pro football

Who did Archie Manning play pro football for?

no one

Did Gerald Ford play pro football?

He played College and University football

What college degree do you need to go to pro football?

Wow! What a dumb questions. You don't need a college degree to play pro football. Wow! What a dumb questions. You don't need a college degree to play pro football.

In football what is the chase the cattail play?

Like a "crusty bob", this is (AFAIK) a name invented by the George Clooney movie Leatherheads for a supposedly dirty play in the old days of pro football.

How do you get in to pro football?

You either have to be drafted or invited to training camp by a pro football team. Typically, you have to play at least 3 years of college football.

Who was the fastest player to play pro football?

Reggie Bush

Did announcer al michaels play pro football?


What do you need to play pro football?

helmet effort gear

How long did Greg couch play pro football?


How much education needed to play pro football?


Who is the first african american to play football?

The first known African-American to play pro football was Charles Follis

Can you play college football even though you graduated from college?

No, after you graduate you become INELIGIBLE. So, go on to Semi-Pro, or Pro football.

How many years did Barry Sanders play pro football?


How much does semi pro football pay?

you have to pay to play usually

What pro football team does Hank Baskett play for?

Philadelphia Eagles

Is charlie mercer going to play pro football?

Yes, He will be PHENOMENAL