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mini Rugby starts at 4 years old.

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Q: How old do you have to be to be a rugby player?
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How old is the rugby player Chris Aston?


Average age of a rugby player?

21 tears old!

How old is Dan carter the rugby player?

Dan carter is 28 years old.

How old is the wales rugby player James hook?

22 years old (2011)

Who was theFirst welsh rugby union player to play rugby league?

jimmy birch a good old legend

How old was the oldest rugby player to play in an international match?


How old is Phil Bolton?

If you are referring to the American rugby player, he was born in 1983.

Name of sixteen year old debut argentinean rugby player who knocked out England player?


How do you make a rugby player?

to make a rugby player you would have to get fit

What is the average age of a rugby player?

28 years old at male pro level

When are you too old to start playing rugby?

no ones to old for rugby

How do you call a person who plays rugby?

a rugby player

Who is the oldest person to play rugby?

The oldest rugby player still playing is a 90 year old Japanese man named Sadayoshi Morita.

What rugby players surname begins with the letter q?

Pat Quinn - English Rugby Player Charles Quade - New Zealand Rugby Player D.L.J Quigley - Canadian Rugby Player

How old is Fabian Heimpel?

Rugby player Fabian Heimpel is 26 years old (birthdate: August 21, 1990).

How old is Jens Schmidt?

Rugby player Jens Schmidt is 36 years old (birthdate: February 18, 1981).

How old is Jason Eaton?

Rugby player Jason Eaton is 34 years old (birthdate: August 21, 1982).

Is kyle eastmond the youngest rugby league player?

no, Ben Barba is 19 years old.

When was Old Gold Rugby created?

Old Gold Rugby was created in 1974.

How do you get better at rugby?

To be a good rugby player you always have to train

Who is the fastest England rugby player?

Christian Wade is the fastest England rugby player. However, in the entire world, Jamaica's Usain Bolt is the fastest rugby player.

Who is the Tallest Irish rugby player ever?

The tallest Irish rugby Irish player ever is current rugby player Devin Toner. He stands at 6' 11' tall, which is currently the tallest record in rugby.

How much is a rugby player paid?

the average professional rugby player in England is on £56,000 a yr

Who is the tallest rugby player in the super 14?

The tallest rugby player was John Hancock III .

Who is the worst rugby player in the world?

The worst rugby player in the world by far is Thomas Ainsley