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This is decided by the league in which you want to referee.

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Q: How old do you have to be to be a referee's assistant?
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In soccer game the referees on the sidelines are technically?

They are technically called assistant referees.

What is the name given to a rugby referees?

They are called Rugby referees. They are assisted by 2 Assistant referees and a Television Match official (TMO)

How many referees required for a rugby match?

as a minium 1 referee and 2 assistant referees.

What is line official called in rugby?

They are the Assistant Referees

What are the names of the linesmen in a soccer game?

Assistant Referees

When did football linesmen or assistant referees stop having to run the full length of the pitch?

when six referees came to be.

How many referees in football match?

Four. One in the center, two assistant referees, and one fourth official.

What do you call people in a football match?

players, match officials, Referees, assistant referees, stewards

Referees on the sidelines are called what in soccer?

They were previously called Linesmen, now they are officially called Assistant Referees, or Referee's Assistants.

How many officials in rugby union?

below regional level there are 3 - The referee and 2 assistant referees At Regional level there is a Referee, 2 assistant referees and a TMO (Television Match Official)

How many refere in rugby?

at senior level (regional ) there is One referee and 2 assistant referees plus a TMO (TV match official) In non regional there is One referee and 2 assistant referees

What does a soccer assistant referee do?

The duties of an assistant referee are explained in Law 6 of the FIFA Laws of the Game. Basically, Assistant Referees are there to help the Referee.

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