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25-20 years old. EXEPT FOR MAE YOUNG

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Q: How old are all of the WWE diva's?
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Is all WWE divas gay?

None of the divas are gay.

Are all WWE Divas Lesbians?


Who are all WWE divas high flyers?

Aj and kelly and eve ... How old is 33

How many Divas are in the WWE?

there are 19 divas in the wwe

How old are WWE divas?

Kelly Kelly is 25

WWE Divas vs TNA Knockouts?

WWE Divas

Which WWE divas have accents?

Layla does because she is British. Other than that all of the WWE Divas are American born and raised.

What WWE divas have Facebook?

Almost all of them do All the divas do have facebook but their facebooks are run by WWE. They have private facebooks for their families and close friends only

How do you watch WWE divas for free?

what you mean? old diva videos or recent. go to for recent. and some nude pictures of wwe divas

Is there 365 divas in WWE?

No there is no 365 divas in the WWE. There isn't even 365 in the whole WWE.

How many WWE divas in all of the wrestling companys?


How many WWE divas can belly dance?

probably all

Are any of the WWE divas lesbian?

No, their are no WWE Divas that are lesbians. Their have been on screen kisses between divas, but nothing more.

Who are the characters of WWE?

The WWE Superstars And Divas

Are WWE superstars male wrestlers?

Yes. But not all of them some are women but they are called WWE Divas.

What music video was the WWE divas in?

WWE Divas are in the music video for the song "Throw It On Me" by Timbaland.

Do the superstars work for WWE or are they contracted out?

All the WWE Superstars/Divas are under contract to WWE therfore they work for WWE they are not contracted out.

Where is Melina Perez's sextape?

Unlike Chyna All The WWE Divas, TNA Knockouts, Previous Divas, FCW Divas, WCW Divas, ACW Divas, And OVW Divas That Didn't Make a Sex Tape.

Where can one find information on WWE Divas?

You can find information about WWE Divas on the official WWE website. They are found under the Superstars tab on the homepage. There is also a group on Facebook that is dedicated to the WWE Divas.

How do you get divas on WWE smackdown vs raw 2010?

there all on there monkey

What will do in raw 900th episode?

All WWE superstars and Divas can fight

Do the WWE divas wear thongs?

A few WWE Divas wear thongs yes, it is visible in the clothing that they wear on WWE Programming.

When is the next WWE diva search?

After 4 years with no WWE Divas Search it is going to be WWE Divas Search at 2011 sometime

How many WWE divas?

there are 365 wwe divas 365?!!!! No way. All time it is more like 70 maybe. Currently there are probably 20 but both are a guess.

How do i contact WWE?

Ask the wwe superstars or divas