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Every four years. We had one in 2008; then next will be in 2012.

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Q: How often does the summer Olympics take place?
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Where did the 1960 summer Olympics take place?

Where did the 1960 summer Olympics take place?

How often do the summer Olympics games take place?

every 4 years

How frequently does the Summer Olympics take place?

The Summer Olympics take place every four years.

How often do Olympics take place?

Summer Olympics every 4 years and Winter Olympics every 4 years. Next Winter Olympics will be 2010 and Summer Olympicsin 2012.

Where did the 1994 summer Olympics take place?

The summer Olympics were not held in 1994.

Where are the 2010 summer Olympics going to be?

There are no 2010 Summer Olympics. The 2010 Winter Olympics will take place in Vancouver, Canada. The 2012 Summer Olympics will take place in London, England. However there is a 2010 Youth Olympics taking place in Singapore.

Where will summer Olympics take place?

=The summer Olympics takes place in a part of a world such as last year it happened at Beijing, China and the next Olympics will take place at London=

When will the wrestling take place in the Olympics?


Where did the summer Olympics in 1996 take place?

The Summer Olympics of 1996 took place in Atlanta, Georgia in the US.

What month do the Olympics take place?

The Summer Olympics normally take place in late July or early August. The Winter Olympics take place in February.

Where did the 1964 Summer Olympics take place?

Tokyo, Japan.The 1964 summer Olympics took place in Tokyo, Japan.

How often do the summer Olympics ocuur?

The Summer Olympics occur every 4 years, and the same goes for Winter Olympics; except Winter Olympics take place always 2 years after the Summer Olympics. For example, Summer Olympics went to Beijing in 2008, Winter Olympics went to Vancouver in 2010, and Summer Olympics will come back on in 2012 in London.

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