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football train for 4 hours a day

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Q: How often do people train for football?
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How many hours do pro- football players train and how often?

2 or 3 hours a week

How do people in Japan get to school?

Often by train, walking, or bicycle.

How often does didier drogba train?

He trains on a daily basis with Former Chelsea Football Club. Although, Drogba is known to train at home to imrpove basics skills such as freekicks and heading.

How do football players train for football?

Get in shape.

Do English professional Football players get paid during the off season?

yes, because they may not play, but they still train, but not as often

Is football the American Pastime?

no its baseball, but people watch football more often. Plus, more people will show up to the Superbowl than the World Series.

What do football coaches do?

They train the team.

Where is the best place to train range that people train less often in runescape for non-members only?

Well, a lot people say to train on giants that are hill giants lvl28 and moss giants lvl40, also ice giant lvl28 which is not really a good place. Also high range lvls train on lesser demons that should be lvl50 range at least to 60 and maybe a good way to earn money? There are a lot of people at there so l suggest if you want to train range where there is not a lot of people, l personally say cockroaches, low lvls monsters and a good, safe spot to train range that people go less often.

How often does Jessica Ennis train?

she dosent train

Chip street football on Facebook?

chip train player street football on facebook

How do you say you train for football in spanish?

"You train for football." would be "Te entrenas para fútbol." In the formal it is "Usted se entrena para fútbol." The verb is entrenarse.

Name a place where you often see people with luggage?

airport, hotel, train station, bus stop

How do you improve accuracy in football?

You train and practice.

What sports do people in England play most often?

Football (soccer), cricket, tennis, golf.

How many times do professional football teams train for?

they train for about 2 hours everyday apart from sundays.

How often do NFL football players get New Jerseys?

how often do football players get new jerseys?

Where do the England football team train?

st albans

What do most people do you n Brazil?

They do the same things as they do in your country, except that they play football more often.

Why is there a bye week in football?

there is a bye week so a team can rest and train because they play football every week.

How often do football players get injured?


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Most people were transported by train, often in horse cars. Some traveled in trucks or buses.

Why do people train hunting dogs?

People today, often train hunting dogs for FUN and hunt for FUN! Sadly they do not need the food but do so for TROPHIES hanging on their walls. But don't blame the dog, he is just being loyal to what his owner has trained him. :(

How often does a netballer train?

They normally train two or three times a week

How do you beat your broth at football?

you train and train and workout and workout until ur good enought to take him on! u got this!

How do people travel out of Italy?

Travel to and from Italy is most often by car, train, or plane. There are a number of passenger sea ports as well.