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Q: How often are your sources updated - what about Chris Benoit's updated bio?
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How often are the WikiAnswers sources updated?


How often is updated?

That depends on which part of you're looking at. Reference sources on are updated on a varying basis. Some sources like the weather are updated throughout the day. Who2 is updated daily. Other sources like Encyclopedia Britannica and encyclopedias from The Gale Group and Oxford University Press are updated periodically depending on when we get sent an update from them. The more "popular" encyclopedias from the Gale Group are usually updated every month while the less popular ones are only updated every 6 months to a year. WikiAnswers, the Q&A portion of, is constantly updated, by users like you. Anyone who knows an answer can update an answer at any time.

How often are TV listings updated?

To ensure accurate information, listings for television programming must be updated regularly. It is often updated nightly, but it can be updated more frequently should the information be available in time.

How often is the dictionary updated?

most dictionaries are updated yearly and some are only updated every decade

When was Addictinggamescom last updated?

It gets updated really often, almost daily

How often is this webpage updated?

Constantly !

How often can the FAFSA4caster be updated?


How often are gold quotes updated?

With the increasing demand on gold, quotes need to be updated quite often. In todays time, gold quotes are updated approximately 3 to 5 times a year, when before they were only updated yearly.

How often is the cpt coding manual updated?

Every year the codes are updated and published.

How often does msds have to be updated?

5 years

How often are Simply Switch programs updated?

Simply Switch programs are usually updated frequently. They are updated on a day to day basis, if not weekly.

How often is the Deals of America website updated?

The Deals of America website is updated very frequently. It is updated from morning to evening and is updated several times over the course of an hour.