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They have played in the 1998 world cup.

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Q: How often South Africa has played in world cups?
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Where was the last fifa world played in South Africa?

South Africa never hosted a world cup before this.

Where was the 2010 World Cup played for soccer?

the world cup was played in South Africa. which is in Africa. if you didn't already know.

Who played in the 2007 Rugby world cup finals?

England and South Africa. South Africa won.

When was the rugby world cup played in south africa?


When was the last WORLD CUP played?

in south Africa 2010

Where will be the 2010 world cup footballbe played?

South Africa

Which country will the world cup finals be played in this year?

This year it is played in South Africa.

How many times has the FIFA Cup been played in South Africa?

2010 was the first time the World Cup was held in South Africa.

What is the Rugby World Cup of 1995 famous for?

It was played in South Africa, a country that had often been shunned because of its apartheid laws and how they impacted rugby. They had gone by 1995. South Africa won that World Cup, their first ever win. The team helped unite a nation with both black and white people supporting the team. The trophy was presented by Nelson Mandela, who was then president of South Africa.

Where is 1st T20 cricket world cup played?

south africa

When was the last World Cup played and where and who won in football?

It was played in south africa and Spain won it

Where will 2010 men's World Cup be played?

he 2o10 world cup will be held in south africa.

What pitch will the next World Cup be played?

South Africa is hosting the upcoming world cup.

When is the World Cup be played?

the 2010 world cup starts on the 11th of June in South Africa

Where is the 2010 World Cup being played?

The 2010 world cup will be held in South Africa.

Where was the 2010 World Cup tournament played?

The 2010 world cup was held in South Africa.

When and where will the last World Cup be played?

south Africa and 2010

Who have south Africa faced in the world cup?

They played Mexico, Uruguay and France.

In South Africa which city will the final be played in the world cup 2010?


With which 'system' t20 world cup south Africa 2010 played?


What part in South Africa is FIFA World Cup?

The world cup is in South Africa. South Africa is the name of the country.

Did South Africa ever play in the world cup before?

Yes they played in the 2002 world cup.

Will any of the games in the World Cup be played in the US?

No the 2010 world cup is only in South Africa.

Who has played the cricket world cup for two different countries?

Kepler Wessels has played world cup for two countries.He has played for South Africa and Australia.

Before south African how many world cups have been played in Africa?