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Yes,you need to warm up before you play or you will hurt yourself.

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Q: How must be a warm up before a game?
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What do the saints do before every game?

They warm up.

Does a team warm up before they play in a Baskerball game?

Yes, basketball players warm up before they play.

Can you warm up a horses legs before a race?

Of course; the horse must walk and warm up with movement before running.

Why do coaches always require players to do warm up exercises before a game?

So that they can warm up and be in good mood for the game

How many minutes does a soccer team warm-up before a game?

There is no set time for a pre-game warm up. Players are allowed to train and warm up for aslong as they want.

Why must you warm up before playing sports?

Your cup of tea

Why is a warm up important before exercise?

If you don't warm up before and exercise you can seriously hurt yourself. Plus, it will get you pumped before a game or run. I'm in 6th grade and at my school we warm up every day, and then run a mile and a half. Don't try to push yourself before you warm up.

What to do before a basketball game?

Warm-up, stretch, think about basic fundamentals.

What is warm up exercise and cool down exercise?

warm up a type of excerise done before playing game. cool down a type of excerise done after playing game.

What are two things an umpire should do before the game?

Warm up Put on a hat.

Why is it important to warm up before playing badminton?

so that you do not pull a muscle during the game.

Why does the Element TVs need to warm up before showing HDTV?

must be broken I have not seen a tv that needs to warm up to show HDTV, I repair TV's

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