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how much do the soccer players get piad a month

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Q: How muchdo soccer payers get piad a month?
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How much money soccer player get paid?

soccer player get piad between 100,000 1000,000 it is on how good you are

How much money does a flight attendant get paid?

a flight attendent get piad $50,000 a month and over $ 100,000,000,000,000 a year a flight attendent get piad $50,000 a month and over $ 100,000,000,000,000 a year

Did gladiators get piad?

Gladiators don't get PAID (not piad), they are really just slaves who die for the entertainment of the emperor and the public.

What did the knights get paid?

knights didn't get piad

Who muck do lawyers get piad?

100-per hour2

How much is Sidney Crosby piad?

10 000

How much do NFL players get piad?

depends on how how you get drafted and what position you play for.

Who is the highset piad New Zealand rugby player?

Dan carter

Who paid for Vespucci's expedition in 1499?

spain piad for the first trip i believe

If you delete a piad app do i get my money back?

well u calling apple or at&t services

Who is the richest college football coach?

Jim tressel is he is piad the most and also has the most money in the bank

Who is the highest piad NFL linebacker?

Albert Haynesworth formerly of the Tennessee Titans, now of the Washington Redskins.

How much does a vetarinrarian get piad each month?

It depends on what area the veterinarian specializes in, how long he has been working as a vet, whether he owns part or all of the clinic and what the economic situation of his practice area is. On average, a new graduate in his first year of practice could earn ~$2500 a month (as an equine practitioner) to ~$3500 a month (as a small animal emergency vet) before taxes. A veterinarian who has practiced for 30 years and owns several clinics that are running well could make over $10,000 a month.

Can you text on a pre piad phone?

Yes, but be careful of the prepaid plan you are on because the charges can be .25 cents per text message or higher.

How much does an AFL player get paid?

an average afl layer get piad about 50 to 70 k some get alot more and some does grt a little depending on how good the player is

How much do Victoria's secret angels get paid?

alot, but id say about million dollars and over is average while commericals are separate they get paid an estimated 8000+ for each commercial the model is in. it also depends for what time of the year the commercial is showing, they get piad the post for their holiday commercials.(Christmas, black Friday sales...)

Who is this real life barbie Sarah burge?

It's this woman who piad about a million dollars to have plastic surgery so she could look like Barbie. They say that she even tatooed lipstick and eyeliner on her face, so it looks like she has makeup all the time, and she told her seven year old daughter poppy to get plastic surgery!

What is the name of the warrior cats mmorpg?

There is one that is being created and its in 3D but that will take a while there is also another in 2D i believe the beta version is almost out. You can also use Mabinogi but you'll need money from a card(pre-piad from a store) called nexon. You can use Feral-Heart too. Thats all i know. Ther is one other 2D one name warrior cats - untold tales. Just search that in the search box download and play for free.

What are the highest paying professions in Canada?

Surgeons are the highest piad but require the most education but heck youl be able to buy a sports car in no time Disagree... Bank CEO's and other high-level executives are generallypaidmore per annum than any in the medical profession. It is not uncommon for bankers to earn $4 to 5 million factoring in bonuses. Some make even more than that. Most notable sports professionalswould be in the same range also. Canadian doctors (surgeons incuded) making more than $3 million per year are a rarity because payments are regulated by the pertinent provincial MedicalServices Plan. Doctors also pay high overhead for staff and premises. They are also gouged with heavy malpractise insurance premiums that generally start around $35,000 per annum (or more, depending on the medical specialty).

If your car has a salvage title and is totalledstolen will the insurance company still pay blue book value?

The insurance company is required to pay the actual cash value (normally) of the vehicle prior to the loss. Get prepared to document what your vehicle is worth with a salvage instead of a clean title. Don't expect to get more for the vehicle than you piad for it. Don't expect much at all if the salvage title was given after another insurance company already totaled the vehicle. Honestly - unless this was specifically addressed when you tried to buy comprehensive cover on a salavaged title vehicle, you are going down the road to a "bad faith" claim against an insurance company. (Arguement being - insured was charged full comprehensive rate for the vehicle in question based on value of a clean title, then when a covered total loss is presented, company pays value on a different basis) Check with a lawyer. If at all possible, try to address this when placing coverage, not at the time of a loss. Mark Walters, ARM AAI

What ancient roman army uniform did they wear and what it was like?

Roman legionaries about the time of the Late Republic and certainly by the time of the First Emperor Augusts had become a professional fighting force not just the traditional "peasant/farmer/fighter" of the original Rome. The main colour of the uniform was red. They might carry about 20-30kg per pay. They had a long rectangle shield made from wood that would cover the large part of their body excluding their lower leg and head. They did not have a single chest plate more over lapping rectangles of armor, not chain. They had a helmet that left their front face open. Most of the Armor would be iron possible steal. They carried the "gladius" which was a short stabbing sword. They would Carry a "pilum" this was like a javelin but with a very sharp iron tip deigned to break off when it the enemy so it could not be thrown back. You had auxiliaries these were non citizens but stil from Roman provinces they might have chain armor, a round shied, and a spear some were archers. They were piad less but were still disciplined and used for support to the legionaries.

How do you begin a debate on the question is universal brotherhood more valuable than patriotism?

First, there are different ways to start this debate: Are you opening the debate or is the pro side starting? If you are starting you would ask, 'What is Universal Brotherhood?'. Then ask: 'Has it every been tried before?, Let us look at examples of the meaning of Brotherhood. Brotherhood in this discussion is in its essence from each according to their abilities to each according to their needs.'From this point you would site examples, Roman in it end day's, Jamestown Va. and it's almost failure before changing to a personal responsibility. The Mayflower Compact in Massachusetts, Russia under communism (starvation and massive death's), China under communism (starvation and massive death's and oppression. Add to China the average monthly salary is $302.00 U.S. while an apartment condo is at minimum $70,000 and needs to be piad for within three years). Then you would move on to the Welfare model in the U.S.A. (the model city is Detroit, as per the pro welfare politician's in 1964 show how it failed)Then move to how people are by design lazy and greedy, this should be quickly detailed to be easily understood. Show how some people would rather pay video games then work. Do they get the same benefits of those that save your life, or protect your neighborhoods? If so, then why become a doctor, police or firefighter? Those are difficult, stressful jobs. Just about everyone would rather wake up late, play games, hang with friends or just chill right?Ok, then what happens when most people due this? Let's look back to Jamestown, What I most do not know is that every winter just about 80% of the people died a painful death from starvation, some of the survivors actually ate the dead and in some cases helped the dying to die in order to eat. Is this the way you are wanting to help the world to go? Do you want the world to go backwards where people die without not only anyone helping them, but like Hitler helping them? Patriotism is pride in what you do, pride in your community. Patriotism is what Bill Gates, Jon Huntsman, Thomas Edison, George Washington had. Washington gave everything to help free all. Edison failed over and over to give all light. Jon Huntsman took all his money, Billions, and gave it to the betterment of the community, in Cancer research institutes, grant's to colleges, building new departments for study in the Colleges and Universities. Bill Gates in his Patriotism gives away over $30,000,000.00 a year to help the future Americans to have a better chance at reaching their goals then the previous generation. All those I have mentioned started as poor or lower middle class built their fortunes and used their abilities and money to help all those in the world to have a better life. Which is better the model of Patriotism shown buy these only a handful of the total of people that through Patriotism helped not only better themselves but benefited all. Or my fellow debaters that would rather want to have the Jamestown... communist... Welfare model that throughout history failed over and over. Should we learn from History or yet again repeat it's failures?