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a freakin lot

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Q: How much would it cost to modernize a 4 lane bowling alley?
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How much does it cost to build a 4 lain bowling alley?

bowlling alley

How much would it cost to supply meals and refreshments in a bowling alley?

The pricing will depend on the bowling center, type of meal and refreshments, length of time, etc.

How much does it cost to build a thirty six lane bowling alley?

It would cost about 165,000 dollars per lane for the land, building and equipment. An additional 50,000 dollars per lane for balls, bowling pins, retrieval equipment. and shoes would be added.

How much does boling cost per person?

It depends on what Bowling Alley you are at. Cheaper bowling alleys can range anywhere from $1 to $4 a game (per person). More recognisable bowling alleys such as AMF or Brunswick can cost anywhere from about $2 to $6 a game (per person). There are also exclusive luxury bowling alleys that can cost about $20 a game (per person).

How much is rental shoes at a bowling alley?

around $3.50 or more. depends on where you go. AMF houses cost more then privately owned

How much does it cost to insure a bowling alley?

Insurance for a bowling center will vary depending on type of insurance and other factors, such as location, size, age, equipment, etc. There are insurance companies that focus on bowling centers or specifically write policies for centers.

Describe one product or serveral that could be introduced to a bowling alley to meet the needs of senior citizens?

Lower the cost of a game for seniors to about 50 cents a game.

How much does it cost for two kids to go bowling?

Every bowling center is different. Call your local bowl to get an idea of prices.

How much would two bowling games cost?

The price will vary depending of the day and time and center.

How much does it cost to go bowling for eleven people?

It depends where you want to go bowling.

What is duck pin bowling?

1) On eBay, or a similar auction site.2) Many bowling centers will sell you a new bowling pin. Expect to pay around $20-$25.3) Some leagues, known colloquially as Hav-a-Ball leagues, can provide you with a themed bowling pin (usually in lieu of a similarly-themed bowling ball) as part of the cost of participation.

How do you compute average cost per game of bowling?

Divide the total money spent for bowling games by the number of games bowled. I.E. If you spent $9 for bowling games and bowled 9 games, the average cost is $1.00.