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Q: How much would it cost to buy a swimming pool?
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How much would a swimming pool cost?


How much would it cost to build a large swimming pool?


How much does chlorine for a swimming pool cost?

Maintaing your swimming pools ph(alkalinity) reduces your cost of chlorine an the amont of heat from the sun during the season may affect the cost. but i don't have a formula for how much it would cost but swimming pool shops in your area could probably give you a rough figure for your pool.

How much does a stainless steel competition pool cost?

How much does a stinless swimming pool cost

How much does an in-ground swimming pool cost to install?

Depends on how big of a pool you want; your area pool dealers would probably give you a free estimate. My friend has a small pool and it cost her $5000.00

How much would it roughly cost to build a competitive swimming pool at a high school?


How much will a swimming pool cost?

The cost of a swimming pool varies by type. A small portable pool can cost as little as $300 to $500, where a permanent above ground pool can cost as much as $7,000. In ground pools cost much more, with luxury pools costing in excess of $15,000. Maintenance costs also add to the price.

Was a cost benefit analysis done before the public swimming pool was built?

A cost benefit analysis would be completed before construction of a swimming pool began. This would be done to see if the positives of the pool are worth it.

How much would it cost to fix a crack in an in-ground swimming pool?

Enough to make you take out a unsecured loan.

How much does an above ground swimming pool cost?

The cost of above ground swimming pools vary by make, model, and location. However, for a basic quality swimming pool, expect to pay at least $3,000.

How much does it cost to maintain a small swimming pool?

15 bucks a month for pool cleaner

How much does the yarbrough swimming pool cost to go to swim there?


How much does it cost to swim at January Wabash swimming pool?

5 $

How much are swimming pool chemicals?

Swimming pool chemicals cost a different amount depending on the type of chemical you want to buy. They most cost from 20 dollars to 150 dollars or more.

How much would it cost to build an Olympic-sized swimming pool?

For a full Olympic-sized swimming pool (50 meters in length), you are looking at anywhere from $250,000 - $400,000. The more expensive component over time will be maintaining the pool -- chlorine, heating, repairs, etc.

How much does a swimming pool pump cost?

I just replaced mine it cost $350 when I was done.

How much would it cost to build a 16' x 32' inground pool?

According to other similar articles the cost would be from $7K upward.

How much does one day cost in dewsbury swimming pool?

I need the zipcode.

How much does it cost to winterize a swimming pool?

Most services charge between $250 and $400 to come out and winterize your pool.

How much is the cost of a swimming pool?

depends on the type of pool Actually, average costs are between 1,000,000 and £1.50

How much do the Sims freeplay swimming pool cost?

It will vary depending on the pool that you want. You can build the pool by going to the menu and then using the miscellaneous for building options.

Why isn't there are 100m swimming pool?

They may exist, but it is not likely. That is because a 100m swimming pool would be too inefficient. It would be to large and would require too much space, water, and chemicals.

How much does it cost to bring a swimming pool service in to open my pool in the spring?

I run a swimming pool opening service, and I typically charge about $500 to get everything to get it ready for summer. This includes uncovering, adding shock and chemicals, and vacuuming.

How much kiloliters are in a swimming pool?

That would depend completely on the size of the pool.

How much chlorine is put put in swimming pool?

That would depend on the strength of the chlorine, the size of the pool, and the "Chlorine Demand" of the pool.