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I got tickets for a NY Mets game for $2. We were seated up very high but the atmosphere was still great.

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Q: How much would it be to by 2 tickets for a baseball game?
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How much are tickets to see a Penguin game?

If this is about the Pittsburg Penguins, the NHL would be the best option to get your tickets from, select the home game you wish to attend, and the number of tickets you would like to purchase.

The price of two tickets and on soda at the Columbus Astros baseball game is 11 The price of three tickets and two sodas is 17 How much is one ticket to an Astros baseball game?

5...why is this question even relevent?

How much do box seat tickets cost for the last world series game cost?

56$ AT The baseball seats

How much is basketball tickets?

Depeneds on the game

You like this guy and his birthday was last weekend so you got us tickets to a baseball game and it was so much fun but everyone was telling you it was a date was it?

Yes generally that would be perceived as a date.

How much is a ticket to a professional baseball game?

Average is around $45. It depends what team. It's easy to find cheaper tickets though

How much money do the Cleveland Browns make per game?

"The tickets would vary depending on where you would like to sit in the stadium. Ticket prices could range from $25.00 in the highrise section all the way to $310.00 for club seats. The best bet would be to buy your tickets online, maybe from another fan who is selling their tickets. I have found tickets extremely cheap that way." Ticket prices will vary depending on the seats and the game you wish to attend.... For this season the Bengals and Steelers tickets are your high-priced tickets and the Ravens game is in the next level of expensive tickets.

How much are vip tickets for lakers game?

Min 35,000 dollars

How much are baseball tickets?

Season tickets to the Colorado Rockies games vary in price. Season tickets for 2012 start at $640 and cost up to $3,280.

How much were baseball tickets in 1830?

Believe it or not, the average ticket to a baseball game in the year 1910 only cost $0.07. This is a far cry from the high prices of 2014.

How much do tickets to a World Series game cost?

The cost of tickets to a World Series game varies year to year. These tickets are coveted and rather expensive. In the 2013 game some fans paid over 3,000 dollars to watch their team.

How much is a ticket at the baseball field called chase field?

Depends on what game and where you sit. The tickets can from anywhere from $8-$16 in the Outfield Reserve or $135-$150 in the Clubhouse Box