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My sheer wood signed stick went on ebay for an amazing 11,000 $ cus it was from his rookie year

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Q: How much would a signed played with rookie stick of Sidney Crosby cost?
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Is hockey star Sidney Crosby circumcised?

No, signed Phil Kessel

What is the value of a signed Sidney Crosby Team Canada jersey?

It could be worth anything. I will give you two hundred dollars.

How much are signed hockey sticks worth?

It depends who signed the stick. I mean for a signed Sidney Crosby stick I would pay up to $300-400. But if it is someone like Andrew Alberts maybe $30-40. But if it is signed by Takashi probably maximum $1.50

What is the value of a Sidney Crosby 2004 signed jersey Team Canada under 20 when he wore number 28?

id say its worth a lot of money

When did satchel Paige play for the Cleveland Indians?

He was signed and played as a rookie in the MLB in 1948.

What did Sidney Crosby make his first year in the NHL?

He made 850,000 from 2005 to 2008. then he signed for 9 million per year with an 8.7 million dollar cap hit.

What is Malkins yearly Salary?

it is about 14 million a year No, Malkin signed an identical deal to Sidney Crosby. They are both averaging 8.7 million per season currently.

What is the value of a signed Wayne Gretzky rookie card?

Gretzky has only ever signed one rookie card of his....and he kept it. $4.00 US

What is the worth of a Wayne Gretzky signed rookie card?

His rookie card is worth more unsigned then signed. If the condition is mint it is worth upto $2000

What is an autographed Patrick Roy rookie card worth?

value for patrick roy rookie card signed

Which OHL team did Sidney Crosby play for?

he did not play in the OHl, it was in the QMJHL for the Rimouski Oceanic. hey boys. Crosby didn't play in the QM...whatever you said using every letter of the aplhabet. He played in the NBA for 2 and a half years before getting signed by Usher on youtube. Learning he had a voice of an angel he took on a singing career. It has come to my attention lately that everyone thinks he is in the NHL and just recently had a 26 game point streak?... clearly these people don't follow the NBA or listen to music because Crosby doesn't play in the NHL. Signed, Daffy Duck.

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How many years is a NBA rookie signed to?

3 years

What is the value of a signed Todd Hollandsworth Rookie Card?


Who is the highest paid rookie in the NFL?

as of 2010, the highest paid rookie is Sam Bradford who signed a $41 million contract

Martin brodeur rookie card?

If it is a none rookie card its worth 10.00 if it is its 20.00 and signed 25.00 MVP 20.99

What is the value of a J.T. Snow rookie baseball card signed?


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What is the value of Derek fisher signed rookie card?

1$ no joke...

What is the value of a Ben Roethlisberger rookie card?

a Big Ben Rookie card is worth around about maybe $100.... i think..... but definatly if it is signed.

Who signed Larry Doby in 1947?

Larry Doby played in 29 games for the Cleveland Indians as a 23 year old rookie in 1947. Larry Doby was signed by Cleveland Indians owner Bill Veeck in 1947.

What is the value of Brett Favre rookie card if is signed by him?

about 120 to150 dollars

What is the value of Alexander Volkov's NBA Hoops Rookie Card?

signed $70.00

How much is your signed Reggie Miller rookie card worth?

1.5 million