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Probably a lot

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Q: How much would a set of mint condition WWF and WCW trading cards from the eighty's be worth?
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How much is a et trading cards worth?

The full set of ET trading cards lists for $25 in top condition. If your cards are damaged, they would be worth far less.

How much are desert trading cards worth?

It is hard to say what Desert Storm trading cards are worth. This is because the amount can vary greatly depending on the card and its condition.

How much are the country gold trading cards worth?

Country Gold trading cards are worth $17 on average, but the amount a card is worth will vary depending on the card.

Why are artist trading cards important?

Original art trading cards are valuable because original art is worth a lot.

What are pacific trading cards worth for 1991 nolan Ryan cards?

Nolan ryan

Where would you go locally Fresno CA to find out how much your vintage trading cards are worth?

I am not sure of where you can go locally Fresno CA to find out how much your vintage trading cards are worth.

How much is a Grease 1978 trading card is worth?

It depends on the condition of the trading card.

How much are your X-Men trading cards worth?

up to $1000

How much are the Micheal vey prisoner of cell 25 trading cards worth in 10 years?

The Micheal Vey prisoner of cell 25 trading cards will be worth 1,000 dollars in 5-10 years!

How much your first addition cards are worth?

What first edition cards are worth can depend on their condition. What type of cards they are, and how much you paid for them can also determine how much they are worth.

How much are gold Pokemon trading cards worth?

My friend has one and they said that on eBay they are worth $20.00, I think...

How much is a jhon elway card worth?

John Elway is a former professional football quarterback. The worth or value of one of his trading cards can be determined by the condition of the card as well as supply and demand. A sports card dealer can give an appraisal to you as to how much it is worth.