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It would cost around 1 million dollars. Most turf field cost $900,000 by themselves.

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Q: How much would a football field cost including the stands spray paint goal posts and the grass?
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How much would a football field cost including goal posts and grass in pounds?

urm, it depends but probably £2.50

On what would one play football?

A field of grass or turf

What runs a round a football field but never moves?

The out of bounds line runs around a football field but never moves.

How much do a football field?

turf is usually about $100k, grass about 40k

Is lsu football field turf or real grass?

Not always it depends

Is it necessary to water a football field?

If it is natural turf, aka grass yes

What is a sliding grass football field?

A sliding grass football field would be something like what the Arizona Cardinals have at the University of Phoenix Stadium. The playing surface is located on a tray that is able to move. The grass field is moved out of the building on a motorized tray so the grass can be exposed to natural sunlight. When its time for a game, the tray is moved back into the dome.

Which grass is grown on the football - field?

sometimes football fields are fake and they are manufactured, but i guess they must grow really strong grass to take all that force from a kick

What is the composition of a football field and where is the end zone?

* *A typical football field is composed of either grass or turf and is marked off by white chalk every 10 yards.

What are the two possible surface tyoes fora football field?

Grass and Astro turf.

Was soccer first played on a grass field?

Association football has traditionally been played on a grass field, but in many areas this has never been feasible; dirt is a common surface.

Are all football field the same?

No, some are natural grass while indoor stadiums use fake grass like AstroTurf.