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Q: How much will a amateur skateboarder make in 1 month?
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How much does an average pro skateboarder make?

It depends on his or her experience and job location. A pro can make anywhere from 1000 a month to 10000 a month.

How much money does a photographer make per month?

Not much if you are an amateur. The question should be how much money does a photographer spend per month!

How much salary do Professional Skateboarders make each year?

A Pro Skateboarder can make anything from 1,500 a month to 5,000 a month it depends on: who you're sponsored by, who good you are, how many competitions you enter.Answer2000 a month 24 thousand a year

How much does a professional skateboarder earn?

Professional skateboarders can make $6000 a month, which is $72,000 per year. The money comes primarily from sponsorships and advertisements.

How much would an amateur magician make?

If you are an amateur, then by definition you do not get paid.

How much does a pro skateboarder make a video?

around $5,000

How much will a pro skateboarder make if they are sponsored by momster energy?

It depends how much videos they make for monster or just wearing monster and how much comercials they make

How much does an amateur bantamweight boxer make?

An amateur is a person who engages in a pursuit, especially a sport, on an unpaid basis.

How much money does a professional skateboarder make?

Skaters make all kinds of sums of money, it just depends on their sponsors and how much they want to pay them. But if you want to get an idea, here are sources of income that can come from skateboarding, because regardless of amateur or pro, a skateboarder who is sponsored, will generally receive money because they're lending their image to a company. Contest Winnings Advertisements in Magazines/Videos Photo Incentives (A photo showcased in a magazine can generate money from the magazine company as well as flow sponsorships) Magazine Covers Signature Products (Clothing, Hard goods) But on top of all of that, a skateboarder that is a serious amateur or professional has already entered into a contract with their sponsor which negotiates their pay for either the 2-5 year contract they signed into. If you want to let your imagination run wild with how much a skateboarder can get paid, rumor has it that a X-Games Street heavy-hitter and Plan-B/Nike SB professional is paid anywhere from 15-25k a month just for each of his sponsors.

How much does a pro skateboarder make if they win?

Alot of money...up to 10 million dollars!

How much does a paralegal make per month?

how much does a paralegal make in a month?

How much do the doctors make a month?

They make 5,000 a month:)

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