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There are a few factors that determine how much weights you will need. You body weight and size plays an important role in identifying the amount of weights to put on your Scuba weight belt. Some of your scuba gear like your wetsuit, booties etc... will make you more buoyant so you will need to compensate for this increase in buoyancy.

For example, without your wetsuit, you may require only a few pounds of scuba diving weights if any at all. On the other hand, the amount of scuba weights you need with a wetsuit will vary depending upon the type and thickness of the wetsuit you will be using. A typical approximation for a cold water wetsuit is about 10% of your body weight being slightly more if you will be using a dry suit.

If for example, you weight 70 kilograms, you will probably need about 7 kilograms of weight. However this should only be taken as an estimate as there are many factors which can affect your buoyancy underwater.

To test if you are wearing the correct amount of scuba weights, wear all your scuba gear and enter the water too deep to stand in. Completely deflate your scuba bcd and position yourself vertically motionless in the water while holding your breath. For optimal weighting you should be floating at eye level. Exhale and if you sink slowly then you should have found your correct weight.

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Q: How much weights a scuba diver needs to dive in the ocean?
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