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It was a free transfer.

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Q: How much was Michael Ballack signed from Bayern Munich Football Club to Chelsea football club?
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When was Micheal ballack born?

Michael Ballack The German football midfielder who plays for Chelsea of the English Premier League was born 26 September 1976.

What country does Micheal ballack play for?

Michael Ballack plays for the German national football team.

Who is the most famous gypsy football player?

Michael Ballack

Is Michael basllack a German soccer player?

Michael BALLACK is a German football (or soccer) player.

Sport stars of Germany?

There's loads! Here are a few : Michael Ballack (plays for Chelsea football team) Michael Schumacher ( formula 1 driver) Borris Becker (tennis player)

How much did Michael Ballack cost Chelsea?

The German player Michael Ballack joined Chelsea on a free transfer , from the German club Bayern Munich.

What club does Michael ballack play for since he left Chelsea?

Michael Ballack will play for Bayer Leverkusen. (Germany)

Who is the captain for Germany football team in 1996?

The captain of German team in 1996 was Michael Ballack.

What football team did Michael Morpurgo support?


What football team does Michael caine support?

Caine is a fan of the football team Chelsea FC.

How much is ballack paid?

According to, Michael Ballack signed a three year deal worth $14.72 million per year.AnswerMichael Ballack is sharing his experience in his exclusive blog on a social football network named Footbo. You may find some info there.

In what year was Michael Ballack born?

Michael Ballack is a German footballer who made his professional debut in 1995. He was born on September 26 1976. He announced his retirement from professional football in October 2012.

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