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Q: How much was Essien transfer fee from Lyon to Chelsea?
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How much does Chelsea pay Michael essien after tax?

How much tax does michael essien pays

How much does Chelsea's Essien Michael earn?

Michael Essien earns roughly 80,000 to 90,000 pounds a week at Chelsea.

How much money does Michael ballack make?

£2.00 per match cus he is that crap he should not get that he is a gay boy but gud at freekicks

How much does essien make?

120,000 pounds

How much was Tony Hateley transfered for from Aston Villa to Chelsea?

Tony Hateley broke the Chelsea transfer record when Chelsea paid Aston Villa £100,000 for the player during the summer of 1966.

How much was Michael Ballack signed from Bayern Munich Football Club to Chelsea football club?

It was a free transfer.

How much does Michael Essien get paid every week?

a lot more than he should

Why are Chelsea fc the best team ever?

they aren't the best... but because of Nicholas Anelka, Drogba, Frank Lampard and Petr Cech and not to forget John Terry, ballack, essien, carvalo, joe cole, Ashley cole, malouda and so much more

Which club spend much in player transfer in English premier league for past 5 years?

Chelsea, Manchester United and Liverpool were big spenders in the past fie years.

How much does Chelsea fc get a year?

chelsea get at least £150 million a year

How much is a Mary Lyon 2 cent stamp worth?


How much will Chelsea pay Torres per week?

he's paid 5,400,000 euros a year at chelsea...