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The signing bonus in his first contract, signed in June of 1992 one day after his 18th birthday, was $800,000.

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With Derek Jeter's last contract going into the 2001 season, he received a $16 million signing bonus, payable over eight years. Derek's contract is up following the 2010 season.

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Q: How much was Derek Jeter's signing bonus?
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As of September 1, 2007, Derek Jeter had a net worth of $110 million.

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For the 2009 season, Tom Brady has a cap hit of $ 14,626,720. His salary break down is as follows: * Salary - $ 5,000,000 * Prorated Signing Bonus - $ 6,620,000 * Roster Bonus - $ 3,000,000 * Work Out Bonus - $ 6,720 Understand that NFL players get game checks, so they are paid 16 times per year. Based on salary alone (not including the pro rated signing bonus), Brady will take home $ 500,420 per week (before taxes, fees, etc) during the course of the season. The prorated signing bonus was not considered because that was theorethically paid out at the beginning of the contract. If this is not the case and the pro-rated signing bonus is paid out annually, then Brady's weekly take increases to $ 914,170 per week (before taxes, fees, etc) for the 2009 season.