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Q: How much tribulus terrestris for women to take?
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Should you take estrogen blocker if I'm taking DHEA and Tribulus?

With Tribulus Terrestris an estrogen blocker is not necessary. With DHEA, it would be highly recommended. One prescription drug that will serve as an estrogen blocker is Propecia. Propecia is used to prevent and reverse hair loss in men and is quite effective. It is therefore a prescription which is easier to acquire (what doctor would turn down a male patient wanting to ensure that he keeps his hair) and is effective for both purposes (keeping hair and blocking additional testosterone from aromatizing into estrogen and related compounds). But then, I'm not an expert, just a guy who works out and tries to keep up with the growing body of knowledge out there.

Is Tribulus Terrestrisfor low labidosafe to take if your on Lisinopril for blood pressure?

yes any psychological trauma or hang ups can cause ED

Can you take any vitamins to boost your labido?

you mean libido? i don't know about vitamins but theres a lot of supplements that boost libido: Tribulus, Horny goat weed, Yohimbine to name a few.

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Can women take C9-T11?

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Can you mix Adderall and testostrone supplements?

I work at a GNC and have had a prescription of adderall for a long time. I dont see any reason why it would be a problem as long as you are taking natural test boosters like tribulus. I take androbolix by biorhythym.

Can a women take too much selenium?

In high doses, selenium is toxic. I'm not sure if that means the answer is "yes" or "no": Yes, you CAN take "too much" selenium, and No, it's not a good idea to do so.

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