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that would take 40 minutes and 6 hours.

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Q: How much to layout the lines and paint a basketball court?
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In basketball what is the Lane?

The lane is between the lines of the paint (the lines where the players line up rebound a foul shot) all the way down the court.

How wide is the paint in on a basketball court?

It depends on which basketball court you are talking about. The NBA and FIBA paint is 16 feet wide. The NCAA paint is 12 feet wide.

What do you use to paint the three point line on a basketball court?


Why is the paint on your outside basketball court blistering?


How do you make a mini basketball court?

You take some paper or cardboard then you paint it to make it like a basketball court.

What is used for the lines on a squash court wall?


How do you call the shaded part of the basketball court?

The paint or the painted area

How big is the paint in basketball?

This will depend on which paint you are talking about. There is paint near the end zones and some around the free throw lines.

What does Seven shots in the paint mean?

Seven shots in the paint means, seven shots on the basketball court.

What is a basketball court made out of?

of concrete and paint and some weird chalky stuff

Does the paint surface on lines differ from paint on the rest of the court causing the ball to skip?

Yes, the surface of the line is more slippery then the court itself. This is why you see the head umpire checking the lines instead of the court because the court surface absorbs water and the line does not.

What is the basketball term in the paint?

It is very simple it means literally means the player is standing in the painted part of the court in front of the basketball hoop

What is the four sided figure under the rim in a basketball court?

Sometimes its called the paint, the lane, or the box

What is the meaning of 'points in the paint' in basketball?

There is a rectangle under the basket on the court. That area is considered the paint, and obviously any points scored in that area would be considered 'points in the paint.'

How do you paint a basketball?

by using paint brush

What are some basic names for the places on a basketball court?

Top of the key, the paint, the wings, the free throw line, the backcourt, the frontcourt.

What are the three three-second areas on a basketball court?

base line and paint (the pain is the key area around the basket(usually red)

What is the paint in basketball?

the paint is the box(rectangle) from the backboard to the free throw line

Where is the most made shot in basketball?

In the paint

When did Jacques paint tennis court oath?

Jacques did not paint the Tennis Court Oath, it was David

What are the Wimbledon lines made from?


How wide is the paint in basketball?

12 feet wide

What is the other name for the box in basketball?

the paint, or the key

Why is the paint was called the key in basketball?

Because the in international basketball it is the shape of an old style key hole

What is time limit in paint on offense in basketball?

3 seconds