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Triple H has been world heavyweight champion a record 8 times

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2009-05-02 09:45:28
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Q: How much times was Triple H the world heavyweight champion?
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How many times Triple H have been world heavyweight champion?

Triple H is a ;5 Time World Heavyweight Champion and a8 Time WWE Champion.Taking his total reigns to 13.

Who was the World Heavyweight Champion in 2003?

Triple H was

Who holds the most wrestling heavyweight titles?

Ric Flair (Richard Fliehr) - 16 times World ChampionIn WWE title history -Triple H: 13 times World Champion (8 times WWE Champion & 5 times World Heavyweight Champion)

Who is the first world heavyweight champion in the WWE?

Triple H

Who is the first WWE world heavyweight champion?

triple h

How many times has Triple H been World Champion?

Triple H has won 25 championships in WWE, including thirteen World Championships, having won the WWE Championship eight times, and the World Heavyweight Championships five times.INTERESTING FACT:Triple H was the first World Heavyweight Champion.

How many times has Triple H been WWE champion?

He is a Overall 13 Time Champion. 5 Time World Heavyweight Champion & 8 Time WWE Champion

Who was the first ever WWE world heavyweight champion?

Triple h

Who won the matches in no way out?

Triple H the WWE Champion and Edge the World Heavyweight Champion.

How many times did Triple H win the world title?

He is a13 time world champion, 5 wwe and 8 world heavyweight.

Most time heavy weight champion?

It is currently Triple H who has won the World Heavyweight Championship 5 times.

Who has the most WWE world heavyweight titles?

The Undertaker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The champion that has had the most reigns is Triple H and Edge they have both had the WWE World Heavyweight Championship belt 5 times Can I have one

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