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Baseball cards are worth a load of crap it depends on the variety of bithchyness

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Q: How much tax is it for a baseball card?
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How much for an ultimate game card?

20$ without tax, like 22$ with tax

How much is julio franco baseball card worth?

the baseball card is 150

How much is a 1936 Babe Ruth sporting news conion card worth?

How much is this baseball card worth

How much is a topps Baseball card?

Depends on what kind of card or what player.

How much money is the card Scott Rolen?

That depends on the baseball card.

How much is a dean palmer baseball card worth?

it differs on what card it is and the condition

Where online can you find out how much your baseball card is worth?

== ==

How much is your barrybonds baseball card worth?


How much is a Christy Mathewson Baseball Card?


How much is a Lou gehrig baseball card?

Depend on the condition of the card and what card of Lou Gehrig you have in your possesion.

How much is a Kenny lofton rookie card worth?

how much is a 1993 Kenny lofton baseball card worth

What is the value of a inducted babe Ruth baseball card?

I think as much as a T-206 Honus Wagner Baseball card.

How much is a 1993 hoyle products Babe Ruth baseball card worth?

1993 babe Ruth baseball card

How much is a rocky colavito baseball card worth?

A rocky Colavito baseball card is worth twenty five dollars.

How much is a 1996 Babe Ruth baseball card?

There is no 1997 Babe Ruth card.

How much is it worth today sherry magie tobacoo baseball card 1910?

how much is a sherry magie tobacoo baseball card worth till this day

How much is an ozzie smith baseball card worth?

How much is my Ozzie Smith

1989 Fernando Valenzuela Donruss baseball card value?

how much is 1990 Fernando valenzuela baseball card worth today

How much is Vince Colemans baseball card Worth?


How much is Von Hayes baseball card worth?


How much is a bill terry baseball card worth?


How much are your baseball cards worth?

It depends on the value of the card.

How much is a jimmy rollins baseball card worth?


How much money is the Babe Ruth baseball card worth?

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How much is bob roger baseball card worth?