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Q: How much swimming practice should a 10 year old competitive swimmer get?
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Should you go swimming if you have a bad cough?

It kind of depends on what kind of swimming you will be doing. If its just splashing around and relaxed swimming you should be ok. However, if you are planning to go to swim practice I would take a little more precaution. As a competitive swimmer, the water above the pool is FULL of chlorinates that make it harder to breath. If you have a cough, these chemicals are not the healthiest to breath in, and you also run the risk of passing your virus to your team mates. It is a total judgement call on your part, but as a competitive swimmer I would say probably will struggle with your hypoxic sets and have a terrible practice in general.

Body composition in swimming?

A swimmer's body should be lean. Excess fat or muscle can get in the way of the swimmer's stroke pattern.

Should you be relaxed when swimming?

Yes. This is one of the key things to becoming a good swimmer.

How long for the average person to swim 400 meters?

Well for a competitive swimmer in longcourse it should be about 4-6 ( depends on age an level) so the average person that doesn't practice swimming probably 15 minutes if they could even finish it( depending on how physically fit they are and how their general technique is in swimming) 400 meters is a lot for someone who doesn't swim- thats 16 laps in a shortcourse pool and 8 in a longcourse.

How long does it take for an average person to swim 1 mile?

It depends on what you mean by average. a competitive swimmer should do it in about 20 minutes. A normal swimmer should take 30-45 minutes.

When should you go swimming?

When you like really. If you would want to keep your body toned and in shape, try going once or twice a week. Unless your a competitive swimmer who would go 3-4 times a week. Some tend to go 5, 6 or even 7 if they wish to gain a talent in swimming.

Should you go to the doctor if you get swimmer's ear every time you go swimming?

There are several over-the-counter remedies for swimmer's ear - two in the US are Swim-Ear and Star-Otic.

How fast can a swimmer go?

a swimmer should be a able to go 25 meters/yards (1 lap) in less than 30 seconds. although most competitive swimmers do it in 15-20 seconds.

What should a competitive swimmer eat before competition?

NOTHING! If swimmers eat before a competition, they might get cramps.

How should a swimmer lose weight?

You should try to eat a snack before every practice, bring lots of water to practice, and have a snack after practice. (snacks like healthy cereal, vedgies,fruits, sandwhiches, nuts, ect). I should know, I'm a swimmer too. So I hope these idea's helped. (Oh, and try to get as much sleep as possible).

What should a swimmer eat the night before swimming the 1500?

They should eat carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are the body's main energy source. The morning of the race, you should eat proteins.

How is swimming perform?

It is performed by doing different strokes such as freestyle backstroke breaststroke and butter fly I should know because I am a compettive swimmer