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saeed dollie from western province scored the most runs in the under 11 catagory for the tournament he sored 168 runs in 7 games

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Q: How much runs did saeed dollie score in the 2011 ipt cricket tournament?
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In cricket the highest test score bastman of Pakistan?

The highest score is by Saeed Anwar. It is 194 runs.

How many odi cricket matches did Pakistan win when saeed anwar score a century?


Has there ever been a double century scored in an international limited overs cricket game?

No. The highest score in a One Day International is 194 by Saeed Anwar for Pakistan against India.

Which Pakistan player made highest score in odi?

Saeed anwar

What is the highest score in ODIE?

Saeed Anwar's 194 agains India

Is saeed anwer scored 194 runs against India?

yes saeed anwar score 194 runs against India in ODI

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What do batsman score in cricket?


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What is the highest individual cricket score?

In test matches the highest individual score by a player is 400 by Brian Lara. Apart from Lara Mathew Hayden has a 380+ score, Lara as a 375, Clive Lloyd has a 365 as some of the highest individual scores In One day internationals it is held by Saeed Anwar who scored 194. Apart from him we have Saurav Ganguly who has scored a 180+ score in a one day match.

Which youngest cricket player score a century in cricket world cup?


Which Player of Zimbabwe has leveled the record of ODI highest score of 194 of Saeed Anwar?

ck coventry