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around 300 feet, the same an nearly every other gun.

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800-850 psi operating pressure

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Q: How much psi does a tippman 98 paintball gun have?
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Can a 200 psi paintball gun use a larger psi tank?

There is no paintball gun that runs on only 200 psi.

What is the P.S.I. on a paintball gun?

PSI= Pounds per Square Inch Its the pressure the gun is running at.

How do you take a psi tank off a paintball gun?

You shouldn't be playing paintball if you can't figure this out on your own. Alright?

What is the working psi for a paintball gun?

Different gun has different working PSI. Such as our gun, the working PSI is 800-1000psi.

Why is the PSI in the the paintball tank go down while it is not being used but when it is on the gun it does not go down?

because it is leaking slightly when not in the gun. you may want to get that checked out.

What is pressure on a paintball marker?

Pressure in a paintball marker is usually referring to the tank, or the gun itself. Only HPA tanks come in variable pressures (3000-4500-5000 psi). The other pressure is controlled by a regulator, which is the operating pressure (150~200 psi) which is the pressure kept needed to fire and re-cock the gun.

Is 180 psi a good psi for paintball guns?

It depends what marker you have. A low pressure electro-pneumatic gun (electrics like the Ion) may work on that level, but Mechanical blow-backs might not (like Tippmanns)

Is there a difference in a scuba tank and a paintball tank?

Yes the main difference is a SCUBA tank is used for high pressure breathing air (3200-5000 PSI). A paintball tank has a lower PSI rating and is also measured in ounces not PSI. Even though most people use a breathing air compressor to fill paintball tanks.

Can you use co2 in a red gas gun?

Im not to sure but you can use CO2 in bb guns. not just paintball, you have to regulate the PSI down from the 800s though, that can be done using special CO2 mags.

How can reduce paint consumption in automotive.Application is done by spray gun?

Likely you have to much pressure at gun use a regulator and using an HVLP gun have +- 20 psi at gun and allow around 10 psi difference when the trigger is down to have 10 psi at the air cap. Two thin one wet coat as if you layer a thin sheet at water on a surface.

How much does a n2 paintball canister cost?

a cheap 3000 psi tank can be purchased at your local sporting goods store and is 35-40 dollars. A good 4500 psi carbon fiber tank can cost upwards of 150 dollars

What is psi for paintball guns mean?

Psi is Pounds (per) Square Inch. It is a measure of air pressure. an average HPA tanks run on a psi of about 4500. Guns have an operating psi, how much pressure to move all the parts, of 180 roughly.