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You shouldn't be playing paintball if you can't figure this out on your own. Alright?

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Q: How do you take a psi tank off a paintball gun?
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How do you take a CO2 tank off of a paintball gun?

you unscrew it. turn it left.

How do you disconnect the co2 from the paintball gun without it wasting?

You cant, the CO2 that is in the marker is vented out when you take the tank off.

How do you remove a c02 tank from a paintball gun?

If you have never taken off a co2 tank , take it a gun store or a sports store like bass pro shops or cabelas . If you think you can do it by yourself without help , just grab the tank ,on the middle and twist it off . You will need somebody to hold the gun down and who ever will take off the tank will twist the tank like if your opening a jar of pickles.

Are you supposed to take the tank off of a paintball gun when your done?

It is recommended that you remove the air tank, as it isn't good to keep your gun pressurized at all times, it is unnecessary wear on o-rings and also regulators.

Can you remove a tank from a paintball gun without it blowing the CO2 everywhere?

Yes. I fact you should do this practice: 1. unscrew the tank a 1/4 of a turn 2. take a shot (to the ground) 3. continue till the tank is off.

How do you take the grip off an alpha black paintball gun?

there are two screws where it meets the gun, unscrew those and slide it out

What model of paintball gun killed Colette Contois?

it was not the marker that killed her, it was the CO2 tank that ruptured and shot off and hit her in the head

How do you shoot a paintball gun?

On most if not all paintball guns you would have to pull the trigger with the safety off.

Can a paintball gun fire without air supply?

no, because the air is what pushes the paintball out off the barrel.

Can a stryker emx 1000 paintball gun use compresed air?

Yes, all paintball guns will run off of compressed air unless specified by the manufacturer. Make sure you get a High Pressure (HP) compressed air tank though, that gun runs on HP.

What size co2 tank do you need for a vl lancer paintball gun?

size is all personal preference, you can get something as small as a 9oz or up to a 24oz co2 tank, the larger the tank is the more shots you will get off of it but the heavier and larger it will be

What is a on off ASA on a paintball gun?

the ASA or Air Source Adapter is the part that connects the Co2/CPA tank to the gun, usually via macroline, and is usually found on the bottom of the grip. an on/off ASA is one that can be turned on and off, to make changing tanks easier.

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