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On average cities make about 300 million

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Q: How much profit did Arizona make during super bowl?
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When did Arizona play in a Super Bowl before?

The Arizona Cardinals have never played in a Super Bowl to date.

Last time Arizona won Super Bowl?

Arizona has never won a super bowl, they are 0-1 in super bowls.

Have the Arizona Cardinals gone to the Super Bowl two times in a row?

No, they have not. The Arizona Cardinals only appearance was in Super Bowl XLIII.

Who will be in the 09 Super Bowl?

The Arizona Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Steelers are in Super Bowl XLIII.

Did the Arizona Cardinals win the super bowl last year?

No, they have not. They played in one, Super Bowl XLIII in 2009, narrowly losing to the Pittsburgh Steelers 27-23.

Who did the Pittsburgh Steelers beat in Super Bowl XLIII?

The Arizona Cardinals. It's the Arizona Cardinals first time in the Super Bowl and if the Steelers win, this will be there 6th Super Bowl win. The Steelers won 27-23.

When did the stellers win there last Super Bowl?

In Super Bowl XLIII against the Arizona Cardinals.

How many touchdowns did Arizona have in this years super bowl?

Arizona had 3

Who is playing in the 09 Super Bowl?

steelers & Arizona... yea Arizona

When was the last time prior to 2009 that the Arizona Cardinals went to the Super Bowl?

The Arizona Cardinals have never been to the Super Bowl prior to 2009.

True or false the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Arizona Cardinals have already won the Super Bowl?

False. The Arizona Cardinals have never won the Super Bowl. The Pittsburgh Steelers have won the Super Bowl on numerous occasions.

When was the Super Bowl held in 2008?

Super Bowl 2008 (Super Bowl XLII) took place on February 3, 2008 in Arizona. (Super bowl 2009 is feb 1st)