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about 4 gallons

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Q: How much oil does a ezgo golf cart engine hold?
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How many gallons of propane does a golf cart hold?

Usually 5 to 7 gallons

How much oil does an ez-go golf cart hold?

around 4 good squirts ... OK?

Need a license to drive a golf cart?

No. Since golf carts do not meet regulations (or need to) to be driven on public roads, they are designed specifically for golf courses. Having said that, some golf clubs have their own rules governing the need to be a certain age or hold a current drivers license. It would pay to check with the club before using a cart on their course.

How do you adjust a Yamaha golf cart governor?

Yamaha golf cart models have clutch cable, spring adjustment, and spark regulation; those are the 3 different types of governors. There are 3 things to adjust the Yamaha golf cart governor, 1. Locates a spring adjustment governor to sticking out of the differentials or carburetor, 2. Hold the governor using a screwdriver, and 3. For a clutch cable governor, locate the cable nut then adjust it.

How many passengers does a train cart hold?

A train cart can hold approximately 52 passengers.

How do you get in a mine cart on Minecraft pocket edition?

You press and hold on the cart to get in

What is the use of room's boy cart?

A cart for a boy's room can have many uses. It might hold a game station, a television or board games. The cart might be moved around in the room to hold books, memorabilia or toys.

How many clubs will the Taylor Made Golf- Ladies San Marino Cart Bag hold?

The Taylor MAde Ladies' bag can carry twelve clubs, plus balls, tees and even a phone.

What is the oil capacity of 2004 volkswagon golf 2.0?

The oil capacity of a 2004 Volkswagen Golf 2.0L engine is: 4.7565 Quarts/4.5 Liters This is the total volume of fluid the engine will hold after a complete evacuation of the system including changing the oil filter out.

What are the benefits of a shopping cart?

It will help you to carry things you want. By using a cart you dont need to hold your stuff.

Do you need insurance for golf cart in Myrtle Beach SC?

It depends on where you are going in SC. All campgrounds that allow electric golf carts require the owner to have a $50,000 liability policy. These tend to run from $50 to $100 a year and some agents offer a six months policy as well. If you intend to drive your golf cart on any of the secondary streets you will need to get a permit from the SC Dept. of Transportation. I believe the cost of the sticker is around $5.00 and you must have proof of insurance as well unless you apply for the following: South Carolina offers drivers of any vehicle an "Uninsured Motorist" option to drive legally without insurance. If there are no convictions or offenses against your regular South Carolina driving record, you can apply to the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles for the privilege to drive your golf cart without insurance. The cost of this privilege is $550 per year, and does not release you from financial responsibilities in a wreck. This registration just allows you to legally drive without insurance. This seems rather useless when the cost of the insurance is so cheap. One thing to keep in mind is underage drivers. In SC you must be 16 and hold a valid drivers licenses to drive a golf cart. While some states offer valid licenses to those under 16--if you get stopped by one of the local town police and are under 16, you will be given a ticket and subject to having the cart towed. In Oceanlakes campground the fine for underage driver is $50and you lose the use of the golf cart for the rest of your stay. If you are using a lease owners golfcart you pay the $50 fine and the owner could use his/her opportunity to keep a golf cart in the campground. Golf Carts are popular in Myrlte Beach and the rules are strickly enforced. As of right now you cannot drive a golf cart on the beach areas, however a new policy should go into effect Fall 2008 that would allow golf carts on the beaches from October to May.

How much did a red river cart hold?

up to 1000 pounds.

Will the Callaway Collection Womens Golf Bag hold everything you need for a day on the course?

The Callaway Collection Womens Golf Bag will hold everything you need and more,

What is the best design for a Shopping cart?

The best design for a shopping cart has four wheels and a study cart which will be able to hold an array of items. One with strong wheels which don't get stuck would be ideal to some.

What is the adjustable tie for an a golf bag?

Adjustable tie on the side of golf bags is to hold your umbrella in place.

Where do you get Ping golf painters caps?

Try eBay or an online golf shop. They are quite easy to get hold of.

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The Power Block 7 Cubic Foot Push Style Pneumatic Wheel Garden Cart can hold up to 300 pounds. It can be purchased online at

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twenty seven

What are the things that hold the golf balls called?

a tee

Is there a janitor supply that keeps us from making 100s of trips to closet?

You could use a janitor's cart. It is a huge janitor cart that contains many cleaning supplies such as disinfectants. Also the cart can hold a trash can and a mop and bucket.

How do you use golf balls for massage?

Get a Zippy RBT device. It allows you to hold on to the golf ball while doing the massage.

How do you do a wheelie on shopping cart hero 2?

press up+up+down+hold