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Q: How much money will MEAC conference champion receive for 1st round win in the NCAA tournament?
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How much do college teams receive in 'prize money' for attending and or winning in the NCAA tournament?

The NCAA tournament distributes money to conferences based upon how many games the member teams play in the tournament. Then the conference divides that money equally among the member teams. For participation in the tournament the NCAA gives teams a travel allowance for each game that they play, but the real money comes from their share of the conference money. For example the MVC received $2.95 million based upon its success between 2000-2005, whereas the Big 12 received $14.4 million. Teams that make it to the first round this year and lose receive $82,000 in travel money, and they receive more if they advance.

Does the winner of a golf tournament receive the prize money immediately or sometime after the tournament ends?

The Golfer receives the prize after the tournament ends.

Does every pro that plays in a tournament receive some pay?

Yes, but only those who make the cut receive official money which counts towards the money list.

How much money will Chelsea receive for winning champion league in 2012?

1 billion pounds.

Who is the Yugioh champion?

if u mean of the Pegasus tournament, then it was Yugi, but he gave the money to Joey to use for his lil sisters eye surgery....

Is the WWE championship no more because CM punk defeated John Cena at money in the bank 2011?

No it's gonna be around, there is a tournament to find the new champion

How much prize money do you get for winning the US Open golf championship?

The total purse for the tournament was $7,500,000. Graeme McDowell received $1,350,000 as champion.

If an amateur wins a PGA tournament and doesn't get paid what happens to the winner's share of the purse?

The player(s) in second place the money divided between them, plus the money the receive for their finish.

Does the conference receive bowl game money?

That depends on the conference structure. Some conferences will split bowl game money amongst the members, while others allow the team that plays to keep it. For instance the Big 12 will combine all the bowl money and then split it between the 12 teams.

Winner of 2010 masters prize money?

In 2010, the winner of the Masters tournament won a prize money of $1.35 million. Phil Mickelson emerged as the champion that year, claiming both the coveted green jacket and the substantial cash prize.

How is a tennis player's pay determined?

A tennis player pay is determined by the amount of money sponsors are giving them and the amount of money they receive from winning a tournament. There are extra things to like commercial, guest appearances.

How much money the wining team of the world series gets?

The 2010 world champion San Francisco Giants are expected to receive a minimum of $350,000.