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That depends on the conference structure. Some conferences will split bowl game money amongst the members, while others allow the team that plays to keep it. For instance the Big 12 will combine all the bowl money and then split it between the 12 teams.

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Q: Does the conference receive bowl game money?
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Which conference gets most in bowl game money?


How much money does a college receive for winning a BCS game?

None!!! It goes to the conference.

How do conferences divide the money earned by one of their members in a bowl game?

Money earned by a school competing in a bowl game may or may not be shared with other members of the conference. It totally depends on the rules adopted by the member schools.

Can USC and UCLA ever play each other at the college Rose Bowl tournament of roses?

No, not in the Rose Bowl game. The Rose Bowl game pits the champions of the Big 10 conference against the champions of the PAC 10 conference. Since both USC and UCLA are members of the PAC 10 conference, they cannot meet in the Rose Bowl game.

What football franchises have won the Super Bowl without losing a conference championship game?

I would guess all of them since to make it to the Super Bowl a team has to win its conference championship game.

How does a team qualify for the Super Bowl?

A team qualifies for the Super Bowl by winning either the AFC or NFC Conference Championship game.

What are the qualifications for a team to go to a Division 1A bowl game?

Basically, the only qualification is that the team have 6 wins. Each conference has a specified number of bowl slots available and one of those slots must be open (bigger conferences have more than smaller conferences meaning a 6-6 team in the SEC is more likely to receive a bowl bid than a 6-6 team in the WAC). Also, some bowl games have contracts with certain conferences to guarantee a team within the conference with a bowl game.

Which bcs conference ncaa football team has the longest streak of not going to a bowl game?


Who did the patriots beat in the 2001 AFC Conference Championship game to advance to the Super Bowl?


When did they start giving rings to losers in the super bowl?

NFL team do not give rings to teams that lose the Super Bowl. Losing teams get a Conference Championship ring for wining their conference championship game, but not one for participating in the Super Bowl.

Is the highest bowl game in collage football called the Rose Bowl?

No. It's the oldest bowl game (and sometimes called "the granddaddy of them all"), but it's just another bowl game. The Rose Bowl is also the name of the stadium in Pasadena, California, that hosts the Rose Bowl game. Traditionally, the Rose Bowl game matched the champions of the Big Ten conference and the Pacific Ten conference, but since the onset of the Bowl Championship Series (BCS), that is no longer necessarily the case. The BCS rotates the national championship game among four stadiums -- the Rose Bowl, the Fiesta Bowl, the Orange Bowl, and the Sugar Bowl. Each year, there is a bowl game at each of those locations, plus there is an additional game held at one of those locations. The Rose Bowl therefore hosts the national championship game every fourth year (as well as the Rose Bowl game itself every year).

What is a football bowl?

Every level of football has some type of bowl game. A bowl game is just a football game that is played between the two of the best teams in there conference/league. The winner of the bowl game usually takes home a prize of some sort and marks the end of there current season.

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