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Nearly $800000 per game in the regular season.

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Q: How much money is made off nfl ticket sales per game?
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Lower league teams make most of their money from selling tickets, some from their sponsor and very little from merchandising sales. Mid-level league teams make a balance between ticket sales and sponsor money, and some (but still a small percentage) from merchandising sales. Top teams make most of their money from merchandising sales, some from sponsors and a very small percentage from ticket sales.

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It was F.i.f.A who benifitted the most from the sale of the F.I.F.A tickets at the 2010world cup.

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Usually, but not always, the company that distributed the film takes 55% of what it made in theaters, the theaters gets only 45% of ticket sales, so that's why popcorn and soda is expensive.

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a word in the dictionary

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Total amount = 4.5*255 + 2*382

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