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For 2015, the winners prize money is €10,500,000. That changes each year.

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Q: How much money does the winner of the Champions League football in Europe get?
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How much is the Prize Money for UEFA Champions league football winner?

The winner is awarded 9 million euros.

Who is 2008 champions league winner?

The 2008 champion league winner was Manchester United.

Who will be winner of clt20?

winner of champions league 2009 season->New South Wale Blues winner of champions league 2009 season->Chennai Super Kings

Does winning the FA cup get you into Europe?

Into the Europa league but if the winner is already in the champions league then it gets passed down to the best club the wants to be in the europa league.

Who was the winner of the 2012 Champions League?

Chelsea FC was the winner of 2012.

How do English football teams get into the uefa cup?

The 5th in the premier league Winner from FA Cup Winner from League Cup If winner is already qualified for Europe, the runners up will get the spot.

Is it true that the English Premier League Winner is Qualified Automatically for the Champions League?


Does the English premier league winner qualify automatically for the champions league?


Who has the most champions league winner's medals?

clearance seedorf

Will europa league winner be in champions league?

Only if they qualify through their own domestic league.

Who is the last winner of Uefa Champions League?

The last winners of the Champions League was Real Madrid. They won the CL in the 2013/14.

How much will a winner of this year champions league earn?

Usually , a Champions League winner get around 40-50m pounds in prize money. For ex - When Chelsea won the league in 2012, they got 47.7 million pounds.

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