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More than me.

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Q: How much money does the Olympics players get paid?
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How much do basketball players get paid to compete in the Olympics?


How much did olympic hockey players get paid to play?

they don't get paid to play in the olympics. it is a privalege to play

How much money do beach volleyball players get paid?

they get paid a lot.

How much do female Olympic hockey players get paid?

no one gets paid in the Olympics unless they are in a commercial brodcast

How much money do soccer players get paid?


How much money does an NBA player get paid?

basketball players get paid as much as 20,000,000 a year 456,000

How much money do basketball players get paid a week?


How much money do nfl players get paid?


How much money do NFL players get paid a game?


Do baseball players get more money or football players?

Baseball players because in football there Is a limit to how much money you can be paid unlike in baseball there is no limit

How much money do women basketball players get paid?

1 million

How much do nfl players get paid for playoff games?

A lot of money

How much do players in super bowl get paid?

I definitely wouldn't think.... with money?

How much money did the first basketball players get paid?

100,000 dollars a month

How much money do football players get paid?

they get paid about 100,00 a game and about 9.6 million for a regular contract with a team.

How much nfl player get paid per touchdown?

NFL players do not get paid extra money they only Can get endoursments

How much money does a US professional basketball player earn when he play in the Olympics?

The Olympics are not paid. The Olympic committee pays travel expenses.

Why do basketball players get paid so much money?

Basketball players get paid so much because they demand so much attention. Most people would pay cheap money to get in to see their favorite team play their most hated enemy. The question is, how high should the price of tickets go? Since the ticket prices are that high, the players get paid to play that amount of money. And, because they are just simply way to talented.

How much money do football players get paid each month?

it depends on the player.its the money that the club to which he is playing gives him.

How much money does Pele earns?

Footballers in the 1950,60 and 70s did not get paid as todays players.

How much money do football players get paid a week?

67,543.33 average weekly pay

How much do hockey players in the WHL get paid?

WHL Players are not paid. Players are given small allowances not much more than $50 a day for food. Also players that have cars and can drive are provided with gas money but are responsible for picking up other players and bring them to practice and returning them home after.

Did athletes get paid to go to the Olympics in the past?

They did get money to go to the olympics in the past

Do you think NFL and NBA players make too much money?

Yes. Although they work hard and deserve to get paid a nice amount, I still believe that most players are over paid.

How do soccer players get paid?

with money