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What? Explain.

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Q: How much money does the NFL pay If not playing in NFL?
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How much money does the NFL pay the halftime talent at the Super Bowl?

They have not paid a halftime act since 1976.

Why do NFL players make so much money?

NFL players make so much money because there are so many fans who come to the game. Without the fans, TV brodcsts, and food, no one would pay for the players salaries.

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how much do u have to pay to be a doctor

How much does NFL players pay for their game ball?


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How much does the NFL pay in advertising?

like a lot like, a lot!

How much does the nfl pay for footballs i heard it was 100000?

50 a ball

Does it cost money to relocate an NFL team?

Yes, unless the city agrees to pay for a stadium, the owner would have to pay for the stadium.

How do people make money from playing football?

People make money playing football by becoming good enough to get on a team that people pay money to watch.

How much money they get pay pay weekly?

500,000! Be a lion tammer!

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A neopet is a virtual pet on you can pay to feed it pay to play games pay to dress it up and pay for much more! When they say "pay" to feed it etc. you use Neopoints which you earn by playing games, not real money. (Though you can use real money if you are a premium user, but it's not necessary).

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