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4 cazillion dollars

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Q: How much money does the NFL make as a sport versus World Cup Soccer?
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Which sport makes the most money in the world?

soccer because

Who makes more money soccer players or basketball players?

Soccer, since its the most famous sport in the world. Lots of spectators = Lots of Money.

Soccer is to sport as russian is to?

I would have to say that soccer is to sport as Russia is to the world.

The world most papular sport is?

The world most popular sport is soccer and cricket.

Why is soccer often called the world most popular sport?

That is because soccer is the world's most popular sport.

What is world sport day?

Football aka Soccer is the highest played sport in the world. A sport that is growing is baskeball. But your safest bet is soccer

Is soccer the most populer sport in the world?

no soccer is not the most populer sport football is the most populer sport in the world

Which is the most popular sport basketball soccer or football?

soccer because it is the most played sport in the world

The world richest sport?

Football (Soccer to Americans)With it being the most popular and most played sport in the world it generates far more money than any other sport.

Is soccer a world sport?

yes it is

Which is the best sport in the world?


The richest sport in the world?


Sport in World War I?


What is soccer ranked?

soccer is the number one sport in the world

Which sport makes more money soccer or baseball?

Soccer players make infinitely more money than baseball players. The #1 sports franchise in the world is Manchester United, a soccer team.

Is NASCAR or Soccer the most popular sport?

Soccer is by far the most popular sport in the world.

What professional sport makes the most money?


What sport produces the most money for its owner?


What is the most popular spectator sport in the world?

Soccer is the #1 sport in the world :)

What is Number one sport in world?

soccer! is the number one sport in the world

What is the biggest participant sport the world?

The biggest participant sport in the world is soccer

Should soccer be a world sport?

It is a world sport, on a national and club level.

What sport is the most partisapated sport in the world?

Soccer by far

What is most played sport in world?

soccer it is a international sport

World richest sport?

soccer is the most richest sport.