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Q: How much money does it cost to sell out the Staples Center?
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How much does Staples Center cost?

the cost of construction was 375 million dollars.

How much does it cost to rent the Staples Center for a concert?


How much would it cost for court side play off games at the Staples Center?

I don't know at the staples center but at the 2012 playoff game between Miami Heat and Boston Celtics, courtside tickets were $14,000 each.

How much does it cost to hire staples center for a night or day?

Ask Justin Bieber he did for him and Selena Gomez but only for him and Selena.

How much does a Staples franchise cost?

All the Staples are company owned. They are not franchised.

How much does premier seats cost at staple center?

Anywhere between $15k - $19k per year. Includes all teams that play at staples.

How much money does the staples center make a year?

Staples make approximately 157 million each year. Last year they hit there own records with a wopping 351 miilion. I think they have hit their target now!

How much does display board cost?

At Wallmart they cost $3.At Staples they cost $100.

How much is the Staples Center worth?

4.5 billion dollars

How much is jack nicholson's seat at the staples center?


How much does a new paper shredder cost at Staples?

Staples sells new paper shredders for about $50.

How much do easy buttons cost at staples?


How much do a pack of DIY staples cost?


How much do laker tickets cost for front row at staples?


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How much money can 14 year olds make working at Staples?

Minimum Wage. Jobs in retail (like Staples) pay minimum wage. Look up how much the minimum wage is in your state.

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sport center is a tv channel!

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How much does a binding machine cost at Staples?

A binding machine at Staples costs anywhere between $100-$2000 dollars depending on the brand. Some use heat and some don't.