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Ticket prices can vary but the range is anywhere from $0 - $45 for basic tickets. Playoff tickets will cost more but are usually based on location of game.

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Q: How much do Phillies tickets sell for?
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What type of tickets does the website Cheap Tickets sell?

The type of tickets that the website Cheap Tickets sell is just like other sites. They mostly sell Concert tickets, but they also sell sports tickets as well.

Why do tickets for the Super Bowl sell for thousands of dollars when there are so many tickets?

Although there are many tickets, there are not enough to meet the demand for them. So as there are not enough tickets for everyone that wants to go, they become expensive, as people try to sell them for as much as they can.

How much are the game tickets to the Phillies Games?

Individual tickets for Phillies Games depend on the location of your seat(s). The least you can expect to pay is $14 for a place to stand in the standing room, and the most expensive is $80 for the first 6 rows near the infield.

How much did summerslam 2007 tickets sell for?

{| |- | You can know about the cost of SummerSlam 2007 tickets from different online ticket sellers.

How much money can you make by racing a car?

Sell tickets to your race.

How much can you sell a pair of giant season tickets for?

for about 250 dollars

How much are electric daisy tickets?

around $50 pre-sell, and about $75 at the door

Where can one purchase Philadelphia Phillies tickets?

Tickets for Philadelphia Phillies one can purchase online from their website, can call 215-463-1000 for individual sales. Tickets can be bought in person at Citizens Bank Park too.

Where can I sell concert tickets?

The best place to sell your concert tickets would be on Stubhub. On Stubhub you will be able to post and sell you tickets very quickly.

How much does rihanna tickets sell for?

$99 to about $499 depending on what seat you want

How much could I sell my 5th row Justin Bieber tickets for?

about 20$

How many tickets are allowed to an opposing team?

Sports teams sell tickets to everyone no matter what team they like. They sell tickets for all the open seats. Some seats they can not sell because people may have season tickets, but that is a different story! So there is no number on how many tickets you can sell to the opposing team!

How much does it cost to travel to Argentina?

um i don't know how much it costs but there is websites that sell tickets not that much money.

Where can you sell concert tickets online?

Eventbrite, Ticket Liquidator and StubHub are some online websites where you can sell concert tickets. Another online website to sell tickets is TicketsNow.

Can I sell my football tickets online?

You can sell your tickets at a site like Be aware that this often violates the contract you entered into when buying the tickets.

What kind of tickets can a person buy and sell on Stub Hub?

At Stub Hub you can buy and sell Concert and Theater Tickets. You can also buy and sell Sporting Events - including Wrestling Tickets!

What can Chili Tickets be used for?

Chilli Tickets are a company and website that sell tickets to Asian centered events. They sell tickets to Asian speed dating events, concerts and theatre performances.

Can you purchase concert tickets at boscovs?

Does boscovs sell concert tickets

How far away you have to be from a stadium to sell pro football tickets?

It depends on state, regional, and local laws/ordinances and how much you're selling the tickets for. In some instances (especially if you're selling them at a loss) you can sell the tickets at the gate, and in other instances (especially if you're selling them for significantly more than face value) you cannot sell them at all.

How do you sell tickets in Roblox?

You cannot sell tickets in Roblox, you can only earn, spend them or trade them for Robux.

How much do tickets for Disneyland cost?

The price of tickets for Disneyland are around ninety dollars for adults and around eighty four for children. The price for tickets can fluctuate as sometimes third-party retailers sell the tickets at promotional prices or at discounts.

Where can one purchase Philadelphia Flyers tickets?

Philadelphia Flyers tickets are available from many different websites that sell tickets. Some examples of websites that sell tickets include StubHub and Excite.

What is the best place to sell concert tickets online?

It really depends on the type of tickets you have. The best sites online to sell tickets include and

What is a good website to sell charity event raffle tickets online?

You can go on eBay. There you will be able to sell the raffle tickets or even auction them off. Sites like Stubhub will not let you sell raffle tickets.

Can I sell my unused season tickets legally on line?

Yes, you can sell your unused season tickets legally online. and both allow users to buy and sell unused tickets to sporting events.