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Olympic athletes do not get paid for the medals they win. They do not receive pay for participating.

U.S. medalists receive cash prizes from the U.S. Olympic committee. Gold medal winners receive $25,000, silver medal winners receive $15,000, and bronze medal winners receive $10,000.

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Q: How much money does an athelete get for a gold medal?
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How much money does an olympic gold medal winner get?


How much money do athletes get for a gold medal and a world record?


How much money do you win when you win an Olympic Gold Medal?


How much money does an American athlete earn from the US Olympic Committee for winning a gold medal in the Olympics?

They earn $25,000.00 for a gold medal.

How much money do you get for winning a gold medal at the Olympics?

None, although there might be money from sponsorships.

How much money did Usain Bolt win for a gold medal?

25,000 dollars

How much does an Olympic gold medal cost in money?

A gold medal is really mostly silver. It consists of just over one percent actual gold and is worth about $644.00. (

How much gold in gold lifesaving medal?


How much gold in a gold medal?


How much gold is in olympic gold medal?

The gold medal is 92.5% silver plated with 6 grammes of gold.

How much money will the US olympic medal winners receive?

They receive no money from the Olympics. However a win will certainly lead to some sort of endorsement deal with advertisers. The only consideration they receive is the medal. If you consider the value of the gold medal as "payment", it is worth something, but not much. The gold medal is not solid gold. The value of a gold medal, made according to Olympic Charter specifications, which contains 6 grams of gold with the rest being silver is about 500 to 600 US dollars depending on the market prices of gold and silver.

How much gold is there in an Olympic Games gold medal?

The medal is silver with a 6 gram coating of gold.

How much is the Olympic Gold medal and How much is it worth?

An Olympic Gold medal is worth 25,000 U.S. Dollars

How much does a gold medal get?


How much gold medal can have?


How much gold is in an Olympic 2012 gold medal?

6g of gold is used as plate, the medal is 92.5% silver.

7 How much gold is in a gold medal?

It sonly 7.5% gold

How much money do you win for x-games gold medal?

50,000 for a gold in the L A summer x games. I think it is about the same for winter

How much gold do the Indians get if they win a gold medal?


How much gold is in the 2012 Olympic Gold medal?

6 grammes of gold, the medal is nearly all silver (92.5%).

How much do other countries pay for winning gold medals?

Depends what country you are from. The United States gives it athletes no money for winning a gold medal.

How much is a gold medal worth?


How much gold is in the London Olympics gold medal?

6 grams

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