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An army recruiter? College Sports recruiter? Professional job recruiter? School recruiter? Be more specific. I have been in recruiting for 20+ years. Let me try and break down what I know and have seen.

Your temporary recruiter at staffing agencies providing administrative, accounting, IT or legal temporaries have a base around $45K-$55K and on average and earn around $75K-95K. Your top performers earn over $100K
A perm recruiter typically earns more but really works hard for the placement as he/she is commission driven. That means he/she only works with the top 20% of the workforce. this is when you see a lot of complaints about staffing/recruiting firms not returning calls, etc. All though the recruiter should be honest and let the potential candidate know they can't help them they have to be careful about legal in corporate, so they tell the candidate they will call when something comes up but never do. A perm recruiter in IT, or professional services easily earns $six figures sometimes over $500K per year. That is if they are good. In recruiting you know who is good and is who isn't within 6 months. If you call your recruiter and he/she never places you and is gone in 6 months then he/she was probably not very good.
If you are looking for a perm job deal w recruiters with at least 3+ years of experience in that market. That would be my first question. If you are looking for contract work, go to a large firm like Robert Half, Adecco, Volt, etc and deal with a driven professional. I guess I got off topic but hope that helps.

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Q: How much money does a recruiter earn?
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