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depends on the field but typically, not much

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Q: How much money does a paintball co make in a year per field?
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How much money do you get if you have a paintball career?

22k a year

What is the salary of a pro paintball player?

Professional paintball players have no true salary. There are very few pro paintball players that don't need a second job to support themselves. They make most of their money from sponsorships and endorsements. edit: most work for there sponsor's.. and unless your ollie lang you wont make much money playing paintball.

How much do paintball refs make?

I have several friends that ref at our local paintball field. They make $25 a day, including free food, drinks, co2/copressed air refills, and free admission on days that they're not a ref. They also receive tips when they ref a private party.Information provided by Bullit Paintball team captain: Nolan M.

How much money does the Wrigley Field grounds keeper make?

10 a hour

How much is a Paintball Field?

Just the bunkers alone will run you about $7,000.00, building a field and getting permits will average around $13-16,000

How much money does a comcast field technician make?

Depends on location 30000 to 85000

Is it legal to put your name on a paintball jersey?

Very much so.....But check with your local field to find out about any other aditional rules about paintball jerseys. MOSLTY ALL fields or events don't care. But i have NEVER seen a field that doesn't allow you to.

How much can a pro paintball player make in a year?

The average is roughly $50,000

How can you upgrade your paintball gun at home without spending too much or any money?

You can't significantly.

How much money does a person in graphic communications make?

The median salary for people in this field make close to $36,000 per year. Most people in this field will have a college degree.

How much money would it be to make a football field?

a couple hundred dollars of thousands if you want beachers .

How much money is an Angel 05 Speed paintball marker worth?

Roughly $2-300 depending on the condition